Wrong Beliefs Eradicated Through Revelation of Jesus’ Love

Since Pastor Prince began his broadcast ministry in 2007, I remember catching him on television whenever I happened to be up late at night. At the time I began watching him, I was already saved but had no revelation of my righteousness in Christ Jesus. I was sin-conscious, always asking God to forgive me whenever I prayed, thinking I needed to do this to stay in right standing with Him.

I knew Jesus died and forgave me of my past sins, but I thought it was all up to me to stay forgiven and right with God. I had no idea how wrong believing had led me to wrong living. I wanted to please God, live for Him, and not succumb to sin and condemnation, but it was always a challenge. I felt like Paul in Romans 7 when he talked about wanting to do right but ended up doing as his flesh wanted instead. I was a believer bound and living in condemnation, and it was killing me slowly.

I didn’t even know what the real gospel was until I began to listen to Pastor Prince reveal God’s heart in His Word to me. It was so good, so freeing, and I tried to catch him on TV whenever I could. I wound up getting his book Destined to Reign, and it changed my life forever.

It opened my eyes to the truth that I am forgiven based on what Jesus did for me on the cross, not based on my behavior. I gained revelation of just how much Jesus loves me and how His blood continually cleanses me, so I am forever forgiven and righteous through His blood. I am so at rest now, living with no condemnation and joyfully serving the God who loves me!

My love and appreciation for Pastor Prince and his ministry are beyond words. Pastor Prince, my heart is full, and I am still listening, watching, reading, following, and sowing into your ministry because I believe in what God has done and is doing through you.

Treva Bentley
North Carolina

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