Years of Lower Back Pain Healed

I am over 50 years old and have had episodes of lower back pain over the years. I have always been careful in finding a proper sitting and lying position so as to not trigger any pain in my lower back.

On Sunday, 18 October, I woke up with a lower back pain due to a wrong sleeping position. I tried to relieve the pain by lying down with my back propped up.

I then tuned into service and partook of the holy Communion. Towards the end of his sermon, Pastor Prince ministered to those who needed healing and mentioned a man with back problems. I knew that that was for me and felt a tingling sensation on my arms and forehead.

When Pastor Prince called for those with back problems to move, I immediately sat up on my bed and felt no pain at all! Pastor Prince then told us to stand, and I did so. I even tried stretching my back, bending forward, and twisting my body to the sides, and there was no pain at all. Thank You, Jesus!