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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Delivered from Depression and Addictions, Enjoying Unspeakable Joy

August 2014, United States

Depression was a major part of my life for as long as I could remember. I felt like I could never get out of this dark cloud that encompassed my heart and mind all the time. It even affected my memory and I constantly felt worthless.

Needless to say, I couldn’t live ... Read More

Healed of Severe Dyslexia, Experiencing Family Blessings

August 2014, United States

A little over three years ago, I was diagnosed with a severe case of dyslexia. Upon extensive evaluation done by a doctor at the literacy center in my state, I was discovered to have stopped learning in the second grade and my ability to see mental pictures when reading was ... Read More

Healed of Severe Hay Fever

August 2014, United Kingdom

I used to suffer from severe hay fever and all kinds of allergies every spring and summer here in the United Kingdom. I sneezed all the time and was afflicted with heavy colds. Even though I tried all kinds of medicine for hay fever, nothing worked. The illness really ... Read More

Received Gift of Tongues after Hearing A Touch Of His Presence

August 2014, United States

For years, I did not speak in tongues even though I knew this gift was available to the Father’s children. That was a source of frustration for me for quite some time, but I prayed, “Father, You know I desire all that Christ died to give me. If that includes ... Read More

No Longer Depressed or Suicidal

August 2014, United States

A year ago, I was going through a dark time. At that time, my husband was a pastor and I was facing rejection from the church leadership as they were not ready to embrace the changes they’d brought us onboard to bring about. This led to a depression so great, I was ... Read More

Healed of Debilitating Pain after Taking Communion

August 2014, United States

My body was in a lot of pain in July last year. It was so debilitating I could not move around much or sleep well for three months.

I went to a few doctors, got tested several times, and was told that they could not find anything wrong with me. The antibiotics they ... Read More

Set Free from Loneliness and Fear

August 2014, United States

I suffered for years under condemnation and wrong believing. I used to read the Bible through the lens of fear, and watched relationships and careers in my grasp just crumble.

I was lonely and angry, and felt that God would never offer me another fresh day—like the ... Read More

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