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Healed Of Asthma, No More Bound To Negative Thoughts

December 2016, India

I used to believe that I had to confess all my sins to earn God’s forgiveness. I was so frustrated and would sometimes cry because I also believed I was going to hell for negative thoughts that I had. Moreover, I had to go to the doctor almost every week because of ... Read More

Huge Bill Paid, No More Unemployed, Healthier And Stronger Than Before

December 2016, United States

Over a year ago, I was going through a difficult season and was beyond discouraged. My family and I had been wanting to move for some time, but we were struggling financially and I was out of a job. On top of that, we were suffering from various medical conditions.

I would ... Read More

Healed Of Prolonged Pain And Sickness, Freed From Condemnation

December 2016, United States

Over a year ago, I was bitten by a tick and developed a rash. After that, I became unwell with symptoms of dizziness, flu, severe joint pain, as well as muscle pain in my legs, hips, shoulders, and back.

I did tests to check if I’d Lyme disease but all the tests came ... Read More

Graduated With Highest Grade

December 2016

Some time ago, my father, who is the leader of our church, called our congregation to embark on a challenge together. We were asked to read one devotional a day (for a hundred consecutive days) from Joseph Prince’s book, 100 Days Of Favor.

I received my book earlier ... Read More

Dream Of Joining Football Academy Realized With Full Sponsorship

December 2016, Singapore

I was born into a Christian family but had no interest or love for the Lord. At the age of ten, while studying overseas with my sister, I developed a passion for football. I wanted to pursue it as a profession and was determined to fulfill my dream as a football player.

... Read More

Swelling In Feet Gone With Declaration Of God’s Word

December 2016, United States

Earlier this year, I noticed my feet were swollen. I’ve been overweight for most of my adult life and assumed this was the cause of the swelling. Instead of rushing to the doctor, I decided to pray and partake of the Holy Communion together with my family.

Recently, ... Read More

Bills Paid Despite Lay Off, Received Scholarship That Led To Better Job

December 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, my husband was laid off from his job in October 2015. By the grace of God, we could still pay for our bills and groceries.

Then, he received a scholarship for a college program to become an electrician. During the course of the program, his professor ... Read More

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