Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Healed Of Skin Growths After Taking Holy Communion

December 2014, Ghana

For most of my life, I have been partaking of the Holy Communion once a month. But after discovering the hidden treasures of the Holy Communion through the grace- and Spirit-filled teachings of Pastor Prince, my family decided to partake of the Holy Communion daily, in ... Read More

Passed Examination Against The Odds

December 2014, Kenya

I spent much of the first half of this year preparing for my Certified Public Accountant final examination, which was scheduled in May. As this was my third attempt, I had become tired and discouraged.  

To pick myself up, I started listening to the message of ... Read More

Received Largest Contract, Retail Store Earned Five Times More

December 2014, South Africa

Four months ago, our family business was faced with a challenging financial situation and we did not know who to turn to for help.

At that time, my wife and I had been watching your sermons and feeding on your messages of God’s grace for us. As I listened to your ... Read More

Provision For Home, Protected From Car Wreck

December 2014, United States

Being a single mom, I lived with constant pressure. I even wanted to die. However, since I started watching Pastor Prince’s broadcast, I have learned to rest in the Lord with a confidence I never had before. I have learned to submit everything to Christ and my life ... Read More

Enjoying Provision And Peace After Knowing Grace

December 2014, United States

My wife and I used to live in a small and old rented home and were struggling financially. We were not enjoying our lives and kept wondering if we were doing something wrong, causing God to withhold His blessings in our lives.

After about a month of listening to the ... Read More

Two-Year-Old Healed Of Eczema

December 2014, United Kingdom

My two-year-old son suffered from mild eczema, with rashes at the joints of his hands and legs. However, the eczema was aggravated when we moved from India to the United Kingdom a few months ago. His skin became extremely dry and he developed rashes all over his hands, ... Read More

Blessed With Special Flight Deal

December 2014, United States

I was blessed to be able to relocate and work remotely from Texas so that I can attend Grace Revolution Church.

On my last flight to Texas to conclude my relocation, the airline announced a special deal: anyone who signed up for a rewards card on that flight would get ... Read More

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