Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Husband Blessed With Better Position

July 2015, United States

A couple years ago, I gave birth to my third child but also lost my job round about the same time. My husband and I agreed that I should stay home to raise the children. But we had to make major adjustments in our lifestyles as our income was literally cut by half.

My ... Read More

Freed From Drug And Alcohol Addictions

July 2015, United States

I was an alcoholic who was also addicted to marijuana and over-the-counter sleeping pills. Then I got hold of Joseph Prince’s messages.

Once I heard Joseph preach, I started listening to his podcasts almost 24/7. I learned about my righteousness in Christ and how I ... Read More

Healed Of Leg Pain, Experiencing Provision, Children’s Marriages Saved

July 2015, South Africa

In 2014, I was unable to walk without much pain after being struck with a strange disease. I could have lost my job because I was dependent on my feet to walk to and from work. The treatments that the doctors prescribed had no effect whatsoever so I remained in severe pain.... Read More

Healed Of Tonsil-Related Illnesses

July 2015, Singapore

My wife and I used to be from a performance-focused church where the demand for man’s works was very high. As a result, we were often physically and mentally drained. Not only that, we often felt guilty for failing to meet the church leaders’ expectations.

... Read More

Received God’s Much-More Restoration With New Job

July 2015, Singapore

Since the latter half of 2014, I have been trying to get a job after I left previous my job as an interior designer. But the hunt was so disappointing. Even after applying for more than 500 jobs, there were still no offers. This got me worried and I asked God to direct me ... Read More

Healed Of Skin Condition Through Holy Communion

July 2015, Philippines

I had a skin condition that had bothered me for a quite a while. I went to specialists and tried a lot of medical and non-medical remedies but to no avail.

But since I started listening to Pastor Joseph Prince preach about the power of the Holy Communion, I started ... Read More

Freed From Wrong Belief, Seeing Life In Business And Ministry

July 2015, Philippines

I was once struggling with the belief that I had committed the unpardonable sin. My ministry was “hit and miss” because of the sense of self-righteousness and condemnation that I carried. I felt like my life depended on what I did and accomplished. I believed ... Read More

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