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Healed Of Back Pain, Experiencing Success In Business, No Longer In Financial Lack

March 2017, United States

I used to suffer from lower back pain some years ago. I could barely bend forward to tie my shoelaces and I even had to hold my sneezes in to contain the pain. At that time, I had also gone through a divorce and was in financial lack. I felt like I was in a deep pit of ... Read More

Lost Wallet Returned In Mailbox After Three Days

March 2017, United States

One time, my daughter had to stop for gas while driving home from work. Upon reaching home, she realized her wallet was missing. It contained her driver’s license, debit card, our family’s credit card, several gift cards, cash, and her social security card. We ... Read More

Holiday Schedule Unaffected After Confessing Psalm 91

March 2017, Singapore

My family and I were on holiday in Tokyo DisneySea when my husband received a text message. It said that our flight home from Tokyo to Singapore the following day via a transit in Hong Kong had been cancelled due to Typhoon Haima.

My husband tried to contact the airline ... Read More

Freed From Self-Condemnation, No Longer Living A Destructive Lifestyle

March 2017, Australia

Before I learned about the gospel of grace, I lived among the homeless and indulged in consuming alcohol and marijuana. I got into a lot of trouble and even went to prison. I felt as if the whole world was against me.

Because I felt life held no meaning for me, I attempted ... Read More

Secure In God’s Love, Relationship With Mother Restored

March 2017, Canada

I grew up in a legalistic church where mistakes were pointed out in a public setting. As such, I became sin-conscious, depressed, and suicidal all the time, and would always ask the Lord if He loved me.

My mother rebuked me for every mistake I made and compared me with my ... Read More

Church Members Experienced Healing After Partaking Holy Communion

March 2017, Kenya

Pastor Prince, I heard you preach on the radio a while ago. You shared a testimony about your trip to Israel some years ago where one of your church members had fallen ill and had to be hospitalized.

You said that you and your pastors went to the hospital and partook of ... Read More

Passed Exam After Declaring God’s Word

March 2017, India

Over a year ago, a few colleagues and I were selected to sit for an international certification examination. Although we did our best, none of us passed. I reapplied to retake the exam. However, there was no material available to study for this particular exam. In addition, ... Read More

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