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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Sister Free of Cancer after Prayer

August 2014, Kenya

Some time ago, I wrote to the team at Joseph Prince’s Ministries to pray for my sister who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been diagnosed in the same month our father died from liver cancer, and at the time we were both heartbroken and scared. We prayed ... Read More

Husband in Better Health with Better Job

July 2014, United States

The past couple of years have been a real challenge for my family. My husband’s job was taking a toll on his health. His blood pressure was through the roof, he had become completely exhausted physically and mentally, and had lost all peace and hope. Our finances were ... Read More

Hired for Full-Time Job through God’s Favor

July 2014, United States

Last year, I started believing God for a full-time job since I was working only part-time. I kept listening to Joseph Prince’s messages and kept praying daily as I drove to work.

About three months later, I received word that our company was going to merge with ... Read More

Business Restored and Booming After Reading Destined To Reign

July 2014, United States

Even though I have been a Christian for years, I was struggling with debt, lack, panic attacks, fear, and self-doubt. I had hit rock bottom with everything I had in life. My house, vehicles, a tractor, and an office building that I conducted my business in were due to be ... Read More

Out of Confusion and Touching Lives with Gospel of Grace

July 2014, United States

When I got born again in 2005, the Lord filled me with an intense passion and desire to know Him. I lived and breathed His Word, listened to the teachings of many pastors, and attended many conferences.

But in the midst of God giving me beautiful revelations about Jesus, I ... Read More

Freed from Lust and Pornography without Self-Effort

July 2014, Sri Lanka

I had a problem with lust and was addicted to pornography. No one knew about my addiction except the Lord Jesus Christ. I had tried to overcome the addiction by myself so many times, but was never able to be fully set free from it.

Six months ago, I received the glorious ... Read More

Business Debt Supernaturally Cleared

July 2014, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, no one has revealed to me the ever-loving heart of the Father as you have. Through your sermons and books, I have come to know that God’s heart toward me is ever flowing with unconditional love because of the finished work of His Son and nothing can ... Read More

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