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Freed From 15-Year Sexual Addictions, Marriage Restored

September 2016, India

When I was a child, I lived far from my parents and always longed to be loved. I was molested by unknown men and by my tenth grade, I fell into sexual sins. I started lusting, masturbating, and molesting people. I hated my behavior and wanted to stop, but couldn’t. At ... Read More

Healed Of Swelling In Ankles After Partaking Of Communion

September 2016, United States

I have been watching Pastor Joseph Prince preach about Jesus on television for a few months now. The anointing he has on television is so strong that I tune in to his program daily. I also started partaking of the Holy Communion as taught by him.

For over a year, I had ... Read More

Family Reunited And Restored

September 2016, United Kingdom

In 2013, my husband left me for another woman. We had been married for eighteen years and we have two teenage children.

Prior to the separation, I discovered Pastor Prince’s books and television broadcasts. At that time, I was in a church that focused on discerning ... Read More

Freed From Anxiety, Brother Cleared Of Pneumonia And Heart Condition

September 2016, United States

I listened to Pastor Prince’s teachings for an entire month and was set free from symptoms of anxiety.

I also have a testimony regarding my brother. He was warded in hospital for pneumonia. Three out of seven tests also confirmed that he had blood clots in the ... Read More

Miraculous Provision After Learning About God’s Grace

September 2016, South Africa

Pastor Prince, I had one of your books for two years but never read it. Instead, my eighteen-year-old son read it and convinced me to read it too.

Before getting to know your ministry, I was taught to keep the Ten Commandments in order to avoid punishment from God, and to ... Read More

Healed Of High Blood Pressure, Blessed To Be A Blessing

September 2016, Switzerland

Pastor Prince, my family and I have been listening to you through your podcasts, CNBC Europe, and YouTube. We are so grateful for your life-transforming and empowering messages on God’s grace. They have given us freedom to rest in the liberty that Jesus paid for with ... Read More

Freed From Wrong Believing, No More Experiencing Night Terrors

September 2016, United States

I was convinced that I had committed the unpardonable sin mentioned in the Bible. As a result, I thought God and the Holy Spirit were far from me, and fell into severe depression and anxiety. I was under so much mental and emotional oppression that I could not function ... Read More

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