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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Freed from Lust and Pornography without Self-Effort

July 2014, Sri Lanka

I had a problem with lust and was addicted to pornography. No one knew about my addiction except the Lord Jesus Christ. I had tried to overcome the addiction by myself so many times, but was never able to be fully set free from it.

Six months ago, I received the glorious ... Read More

Business Debt Supernaturally Cleared

July 2014, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, no one has revealed to me the ever-loving heart of the Father as you have. Through your sermons and books, I have come to know that God’s heart toward me is ever flowing with unconditional love because of the finished work of His Son and nothing can ... Read More

Passion for Missions Reignited

July 2014, South Africa

I returned to South Africa after being burned out from ten years of missionary work. Then, I read Joseph Prince’s books—Unmerited Favor, Destined To Reign, and The Power of Right Believing—and my life changed.

Even though God had previously touched my ... Read More

Cancer Free, Amazing Walk with Jesus

July 2014, United States

I became a believer in 1998 and my life changed tremendously. But I felt that something was wrong because I was repeatedly diagnosed with cancer, beginning with breast cancer in 1998. In 2002, I had colon cancer. Even after surviving both attacks, I had relapses of breast ... Read More

Freed from Night Terrors and Condemnation

July 2014, United States

I had been suffering from night terrors since the age of six. They caused me to see horrific images even when I was fully conscious. I had received every medical help possible and even had a computerized tomography (CT) scan of my head. However, nothing explained the reason ... Read More

Set Free from Sixteen-Year Drug Addiction

July 2014, United States

For sixteen years, I suffered from drug addiction. The guilt, condemnation, and shame that resulted from losing my family, friends, pharmacy license, and livelihood held me captive. I used drugs to silence my conscience. I was in and out of rehab, jails, and prisons, and I ... Read More

Healed of Painful Stomach Condition

July 2014, United States

In January 2013, I started to have stomach pains whenever I ate. I could not finish my normal portions of food and my stomach would feel bloated and painful. I reduced my meals to very small portions, but the stomach pains did not go away. So I went to see my doctor, who ... Read More

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