Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Daughter Healed Of Milk Allergy, Mother No Longer Suffers Excruciating Spine Pain

April 2015, United States

I have four daughters and Sari, who is eight years old and my third child was the only one allergic to cow’s milk since birth. Just a taste of it would cause her to have an anaphylactic reaction. Because of this, she could not have chocolate, cheese, yogurt, butter, ... Read More

Established In The Spirit Of Sonship, Healed Of Severe Pain

April 2015, India

One evening after a casual walk, my knees began to hurt. At that time, I thought it must have been because I had not exercised in a long time and so I waited for a few days to see if the pain would pass. However, the pain persisted for almost a month. Still, I ignored it ... Read More

Free Of Depression Through Right Believing

April 2015, United States

About four years ago, I got very depressed. One day, at around 4am in the morning, I turned on my television and Joseph Prince was on the American Family Channel. I had never seen or heard of him before. He was talking about the High Priest in the Old Testament and he had a ... Read More

Strengthened By Grace, Fear-Free During Cancer Treatment

April 2015, United States

In 2000, I started listening to Pastor Joseph Prince’s programs and ordered a lot of his DVDS and books. I am so thankful that I did because after twenty-six years of being free of cancer, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a type of cancer in which ... Read More

Seeing The Father’s Love And Provision For Daughters

April 2015, United States

I would like to share two testimonies regarding my two daughters.

The first is in relation to my twenty-year-old daughter, Genesis. After a year of seeking our Father’s will with regard to what she should do after graduating from high school, we all had peace with ... Read More

Led By His Voice, Saved From Trouble

April 2015, United States

Some months ago, my husband, daughter, and I were in Birmingham, Alabama, heading for lunch. After eating and having returned to the car, the Lord impressed upon me to turn the radio off and “just listen to the car,” something I would never have done on my own.... Read More

Free From Colon Cancer, Set Free From Drug And Alcohol Addiction

April 2015, Canada

I had been struggling with an addiction to alcohol and drugs ever since I was a teenager. I recall numerous times when I would wake up the next morning, after drinking or staying awake all night from cocaine, and crying out to Jesus to help me break the bondage that I was ... Read More

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