Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Family Protected From Harm During Gas Explosion In Kaohsiung

October 2014, Singapore

I am from Taiwan but I live in Singapore and since last year, I have been attending New Creation Church. When Pastor Prince started preaching strongly on Psalm 91 earlier this year, I began meditating on the verses. I’ve also been sharing the psalm with my family back ... Read More

Marriage Restored And Freed From Pornography

October 2014, Germany

My wife had contemplated suicide because I kept failing to keep the promises I made to her. It seemed like the more I struggled to do things right, the more I ended up doing those things wrong. Eventually, she left me in September 2013 and in February 2014, we were ... Read More

Achieved ‘A Plus’ Grade For Challenging Course Despite Odds

October 2014, Canada

Last year, I took a great leap of faith by taking up one of the most challenging courses for my undergraduate program. But I almost had to drop the course because I fell sick for a period of time. It was God who gave me the wisdom not to drop it. Otherwise, I would have ... Read More

Entire Family Enjoying New Relationship With God

October 2014, United Kingdom

I used to think that God only loves me when I perform well and that if I didn’t keep His Ten Commandments, I was going to hell. But I was set free from this wrong thinking after I finished reading Destined To Reign. I am also now able to read the Bible in a whole new ... Read More

Years Of Sexual Sins Removed, Healed Of Lactose Intolerance

October 2014, United States

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior over a decade ago, but I drifted away into sexual sins for many years. But by His grace, I heard Him calling me back to Him and I followed! I thank and praise God for His love and patience! I am now experiencing God as I have never ... Read More

Experiencing Unmerited Favor In Every Area

October 2014, Kuwait

I am from Kuwait. I came to hear Pastor Joseph Prince’s messages in 2006 when I visited my relatives in Singapore. They were bringing me to New Creation Church every Sunday then and I felt blessed and renewed whenever I listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons and ... Read More

Amazing Transformation of a Friend, Beautiful Friendship Centered on Jesus

October 2014, United States

I met a friend in January 2012 who at that time was living in sexual sin. She had accepted Jesus as her Savior several years earlier but seemed to have no power to make changes in her life. Jesus told me He wanted to be the foundation and center of our friendship. So I ... Read More

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