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Healed Of Lower Back Pain After Receiving Online Prayer

June 2016, Philippines

On the morning of Christmas Eve in 2015, I experienced a sharp pain that ran from my lower back to my right hamstring. The pain limited my movement—I was unable to bend forward and had trouble squatting. In spite of the pain, I still managed to go to work that day but ... Read More

Freed From Dysfunctional Relationship, Blessed With Good Husband

June 2016, United States

I was in an extremely dysfunctional relationship for three years and I found out that another woman was engaged to my fiancé.

But the Lord’s hand of grace and restoration immediately came upon my life. I received a promotion at work that allowed my children ... Read More

Experiencing Great Favor After Hearing The Gospel

June 2016, India

In 2001, I received the Lord into my life. After that, by the grace of God, my entire family—my parents and brother—received Christ as well.

Three years later, in November 2004, I started attending church with the help of a friend. I was taught a different ... Read More

Top Scorer In High School, Delivered From Porn Addiction

June 2016, Singapore

I accepted Christ when I was young. However, I never learned about the love and grace of God at that time. I always fell asleep during church services and even disliked going to church. I found it boring and a waste of time.

Fortunately, God was always gracious with me. ... Read More

Freed From 25-Year Asthma Condition And Porn Addiction, Life Transformed

June 2016, Nigeria

I first watched Joseph Prince preach the gospel on television in 2011. At that time, my spiritual life was dry—I struggled to serve in or even attend church and was undergoing depression. I tried listening to sermons that taught me how to live a life of holiness or ... Read More

Student Visa Approved Supernaturally

June 2016, India

I would like to give a testimony about how my student visa for doing my master’s degree in the United States was approved.

The night before my visa interview, I was checking through my documents and found that I had forgotten to include my father’s income tax ... Read More

Protected From Two Serious Injuries At Work

June 2016, United States

I can’t even begin to explain how Joseph Prince’s teachings on Psalm 91 and praying powerful prayers are transforming me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude about my heavenly Father’s faithfulness toward me as I write this.

While working as a window washer, ... Read More

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