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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

From Financially Stressed to Financially Blessed

September 2014, United States

My wife and I have always been stressed about our finances. Even though we were long-time Christians, we believed that we were not receiving our breakthrough because we did not have enough faith, or because there were some sins in our lives that we had not confessed. As ... Read More

Freed from Condemnation, Empowered to Share the Gospel

August 2014, Philippines

I used to be so conscious of myself and my performance. Even though I was a long-time Christian and Bible school graduate, I felt that holiness was beyond my reach. I tried to earn God’s favor through my daily routines of praying and reading the Bible. Any failures to ... Read More

Set Free from Massive Anxiety Attacks

August 2014, South Africa

I grew up with a fear of dying because of the untimely deaths of my grandparents. I remember being anxious about dying from a young age and even suffering from terrible nightmares when I was six. I wanted to depend on God for my freedom, but I could not relate to or trust ... Read More

Struggle-Free Transformation after Sixteen Years

August 2014, Barbados

Even though I was a Christian for sixteen years, I always heard that we were to “keep short accounts with God.” Basically, every time I sinned, I would have to confess the sin quickly, because I believed that if I died without my last sin being covered, I would ... Read More

‘Back in the Lord’s Hands’

August 2014, United States

When my late husband died from terminal cancer, I was angry at the Lord for “taking” him. My late husband had brought me back to church and we attended church on a regular basis. He was in a Christian ministry outreach music group and I went with them whenever ... Read More

Husband Healed of Severe Stomach Illness

August 2014, United States

Recently, I came across a praise report in the Grace Revolution magazine that made me wonder if I had written to Joseph Prince Ministries about my husband’s stomach illness. It was written by someone who shares the same name as me and the testimony sounded very ... Read More

Completely Free from Addictions after Prayer

August 2014, Australia

For 17 years, I was addicted to alcohol and pornography and struggled with lust, anger, and violence. I also often broke the law. Yet, in a short period of time after saying a simple prayer, all my addictions disappeared just like that, and I was confused about how it ... Read More

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