Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Learning About God’s Grace, Declared Cancer Free

November 2014, United States

I was diagnosed with early stage breast and cervical cancer in August 2013. But I didn’t fret, nor was I troubled or worried. I thought that since I’m a faithful believer who reads my Bible and attends church regularly, there must be some reason God wanted me to ... Read More

Protected From Car Crash

October 2014, United States

A few days ago, I was listening to your message where you showed a picture of a couple who was involved in a car crash and how God had miraculously saved them that day. After that, you made everyone declare that this year, no one will die prematurely before their time. ... Read More

Enjoying The Favor Of God In Marriage, Family, Work

October 2014, South Africa

I first encountered Joseph Prince’s teaching when I listened to his Finding Your Life Partner messages. A friend had passed the CDs to me. It was so good that I decided to buy the album as a birthday gift for a friend who had lost her fiancé in an accident some ... Read More

Delivered From Thirteen Years Of Sexual Addiction

October 2014, Nigera

I thank God for His deep love and inexhaustible grace in delivering me from my sexual addiction.

I began masturbating when I reached puberty. I felt wrong doing it because I was a Christian. By the time I realized that this wasn’t the life the Lord wanted for me, I ... Read More

Supernatural Conception After Consecutive Miscarriages

October 2014, Singapore

We are from Puerto Rico but we lived in Dallas, Texas, until we moved to amazing Singapore in September 2012, due to my husband’s job.

Before moving to Singapore, I had four consecutive miscarriages. We went to great doctors and did all kinds of tests but they found ... Read More

Having Revelation Of Daddy God’s Love, Drawing Closer To Jesus

October 2014, United States

I used to live a destructive lifestyle indulging in all kinds of sinful pleasures. Three times, I came close to death. I was also involved in organized crime and got into trouble with the law, until I gave my life to Christ.

For the past thirty-two years, I went to church, ... Read More

No More Walking On Eggshells And Living In Fear

October 2014, United States

My husband and I had been going to a church that taught us that we could and would lose our salvation if we did anything wrong. We tried our very best to be perfect Christians. However, it always felt so strange to me that this loving Father would let go of me if I ever did ... Read More

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