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Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Experiencing Peace After Hearing Grace

September 2014, Bulgaria

After years of church ministry, a tragedy struck me unexpectedly—I was left as a single mother with two little children and one on the way. I was asking God many questions.

Years of isolation and searching for my place in the Christian family in Bulgaria made me very ... Read More

Freed from Addiction to Pornography

September 2014, Ghana

At the age of nine or ten, I began masturbating and I always felt dirty and unwanted because of what I did. As a pastor’s daughter, I already knew the Lord at a very young age and I was going to church. The enemy plagued me with thoughts of condemnation, asking, ... Read More

‘Extremely Healthy’ Report after Partaking of the Holy Communion

September 2014, United States

In 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer and told that I needed surgery.

I have always been a believer, but ever since listening to Pastor Joseph Prince, my faith has been taken to new heights. Because of the gospel of grace, I look at things differently and I told the doctors ... Read More

From Victim of Abuse to Voice for Women

September 2014, United States

My father and a male relative abused me when I was a child. Even though I was not at fault, I internalized the guilt, shame, and fear. As a result, my ability to function in life as a whole person was hampered. I was withdrawn and had no self-esteem.

When I accepted Jesus ... Read More

Freedom from Fear after Knowing Jesus

September 2014, India

I was saved five years ago, but I remained fearful about everything in my life, including what others thought of me. Even though I’ve heard many sermons on how not to fear, I could not get permanent deliverance from it. I spent every morning thinking about how to ... Read More

Healed of Pain in Right Arm

September 2014, United States

I had been suffering from pain in my right arm and I could not lift it up with ease.

Then, I watched, Jesus—The True Ark Of The Covenant (Southern Steps), from Pastor Joseph Prince’s DVD box set titled, Live In Israel, A TBN Special. He was praying for healing ... Read More

Husband Delivered from Smoking, Healed of Growth on Calf

September 2014, United States

Pastor Prince, so many wonderful and amazing things have happened since my husband and I began listening to your messages on God’s grace.

First, my husband has broken free from a cigarette addiction that he had for many years! He had promised me he would quit smoking ... Read More

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