Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Received New Job Despite Lack Of Experience

November 2015, Singapore

I resigned without a job in February 2015. Not sure of what I wanted to do next, I trusted God to open the right doors and close those that were not right for me.

I went for many interviews, but the jobs just did not seem right for me. I grew discouraged and felt lost. A ... Read More

Approved For Disability Benefits Despite Odds

November 2015, United States

Two years ago, I heard two ministers, one of whom was Joseph Prince, talk about a challenge of reading the Bible for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. They said that if I were to take this challenge, I wouldn't be able to stop. I have been listening to my Bible every morning ... Read More

Freed Of Lifelong Addiction To Pornography

November 2015, United Kingdom

Pastor Prince, I’m a twenty-year-old undergraduate who watches your program every day. 

I was addicted to pornography since I was about eight years old. But after learning to behold Jesus daily and staying in His presence, I was able to overcome this lifelong ... Read More

Fears Reduced After Knowing God’s Love

November 2015, Netherlands

I am 28 years old. I was raised in a Christian family, but I was not born again in the Spirit until this year. I always knew who Jesus was but I did not open my heart to Him. 

I was living a sinful lifestyle that included watching pornography, womanizing, and ... Read More

Lying Symptoms Disappeared During Grace Revolution Tour Event

November 2015, Canada

My family and I have just returned home after seeing Pastor Joseph Prince live in New York City! Even though a closer venue would have been better for us, my wife and I knew right away that we had to reserve seats to hear Pastor Prince preach once he announced his North ... Read More

No More Testicular Cancer

November 2015, Canada

My husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer twice, on both sides, within a period of six months. He had surgery done after the first diagnosis, but after the second diagnosis, we decided to hold off on surgery and see what God’s Word said about healing.

... Read More

Delivered From Fifty Years Of Guilt

November 2015, United States

God has healed me from traumas suffered as a result of childhood sexual abuse and being raped when I was a young adult. I was literally thrown away and left to die in a park by a group of young men. 

I was trying to live my life as perfectly as possible but I ... Read More

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