Praise Reports

Praise Reports

No More Suffering From Auto Immune System Disorder

May 2015, United States

The first time I heard Pastor Prince teach was on Kenneth Copeland’s Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, and he was sharing about righteousness and grace.

At that time, I was going through a tough time with my physical health. I had undergone a kidney ... Read More

Double Portion Restoration For Lost Contract

May 2015, Singapore

I am in the transport business and sometime in July 2014, my contract worth a five figure sum was terminated prematurely with only three months’ notice. I felt like my whole life was shattered as that contract was not just important to my company but my family as ... Read More

Freed From Over Thirty Years Of Fear And Panic Attacks

May 2015, United States

As a very young girl, I had a lot of fear. I would wake up covered in sweat because I thought someone was standing over me, waiting to hurt me. When I turned eighteen, I watched a movie with my brother that showed a devil possessing and destroying a man. A spirit of fear ... Read More

Saved From A Life Of Drugs And Physical Abuse

May 2015, United States

I was baptized in a church at a young age and followed Jesus for a few years. But as a young adult, I got away from the church’s teachings and became quite rebellious. I started taking drugs, drinking, and acting like a fool.

When I was twenty-two, I was brutally ... Read More

Healed Of Heart Pain

May 2015, United States

My thirty-nine-year-old daughter died in March 2014 after battling cancer for two years. Since she was diagnosed with the ailment, I started having incapacitating pains in my heart. The pains often kept me awake at night and I would say, “Jesus, Jesus,” until ... Read More

Getting Life Back Together By His Grace

May 2015, South Africa

I was in a bus accident on June 23, 2011. Thinking back, it was the hand of God that saved me. I remember shouting, “Don’t turn over, don’t turn over, don’t turn over,” when we were hit by the other vehicle. I said it three times before the bus ... Read More

No More Fear Of Losing Salvation

May 2015, Kenya

I am twenty-six years old. From an early age, the Lord had started working in me the desire to know Him and have a relationship with Him. However, I held back because I came from a legalistic background and was afraid of losing my salvation.

But thanks to God, in 2012, I ... Read More

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