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Stolen Valuables Returned By Frightened Thief

May 2016, India

One night in August 2014, my brother took my laptop into his room located on the ground floor of our house. He fell asleep without locking the door, allowing a thief to enter the house in the middle of the night.

My laptop, laptop charger, mouse, camera, and my ... Read More

Two-Year-Old Cyst Gone After Receiving Communion

May 2016, Trinidad and Tobago

I love listening to and watching Pastor Prince’s program on television every morning before leaving for work.

One morning, I watched his message on healing through partaking of the Holy Communion. This is a message that has been repeatedly broadcast on television. I ... Read More

Lost Keys Found After Declaring Righteousness

May 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your preaching since 2009 and have over 160 of your messages to date. There have been countless testimonies about God’s goodness in my life since then, and I’d like to share one of them that really stands out.

In February ... Read More

Blessed To Take Care Of Widowed Aunt

May 2016, Canada

I am so happy with the Joseph Prince iPhone app. I often listened to Pastor Prince’s sermons for five to six hours a day, especially when driving. Now that I am on the road less often, I listen to them at home.

My life was very different seven years ago before I ... Read More

Freed From Bitterness, Condemnation And Fearing God’s Judgment

May 2016, Uganda

I received Christ at a fellowship group in my high school when I was fifteen. Back then, I enjoyed a relationship with God. I felt so forgiven and loved by Him. Soon, I began serving at the fellowship group with a lot of ease and life, and all was good by God’s grace.... Read More

No More Nausea And Discomfort After Beholding Jesus

May 2016, United States

One night, I felt nausea and discomfort in my entire upper body. I decided to partake of the Holy Communion, and also took time to meditate on Christ’s finished work and speak a few healing scriptures over myself.

I saw my sickness and discomfort borne on ... Read More

Life Transformed By Jesus

May 2016, United States

From a young age, I had always felt I was worthless. My mother, who was constantly fighting with my father when I was growing up, kept telling me I was a nobody just like my dad, and that just like my dad, I would amount to nothing. This feeling of ... Read More

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