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From Spiritual Dryness To Enjoying God’s Blessings

July 2016, Australia

Even though I had served as an elder in church for more than ten years, I was experiencing a long period of spiritual dryness. Deep within me, I knew something was wrong but did not know what to do.

Gradually, I lost interest in God and His Word. I felt I was unable to ... Read More

Offered Job Despite No Experience

July 2016, New Zealand

I had been looking for a job since I completed full-time studies. As this was my first job hunt, I had no experience to offer and was rejected in all my job applications.

I started to struggle when I ran out of savings. I ended up applying for jobs through a social welfare ... Read More

Teen Touched By Grace Leaves Gang

July 2016, South Africa

My fifteen-year-old son befriended a boy in his high school who did not have any friends for more than a year. The boy came over to our home one weekend as they had to complete a school assignment together.

After supper, my daughter, son, his friend, and I spent some time ... Read More

Freed from Condemnation, No Longer In Sinful Relationship

July 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I am a forty-eight-year-old woman who was involved in an adulterous relationship for over twenty years. When I received Christ in 2013, I confessed my sin to a church leader and was told that I would lose my salvation if I continued in this relationship. He ... Read More

Ten-Year-Old Son Healed Of Back Pain While Praying

July 2016, United States

My ten-year-old son hurt his back badly while playing with his cousins. While we were driving home, he was crying in pain and could not straighten his back.

As soon as we got home, we prayed together. I told him it was God’s will to heal him and spoke God’s ... Read More

Dream Home Preserved

July 2016, United States

After a long career as a Christian counselor and executive coach, my wife and I moved to Wasilla, Alaska, where we were able to buy our dream home for retirement.

Within a year of our moving in, the local power authority announced that they were considering routes for new ... Read More

Delivered From Severe Postnatal Depression

July 2016, United Kingdom

I suffered severe postnatal depression after giving birth to a wonderful baby boy in 2011. I felt as if the whole world was upon my shoulders and the depression got so bad that I wanted to end my life. However, the glorious smile of my baby kept me going.

One day, my ... Read More

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