Praise Reports

Healed Of Canker Sores After Partaking Of Holy Communion

January 2017, United States

I suffered very painful canker sores in my mouth and could not talk or eat anything. I became weak as a result and there was no one to take care of me as I lived far away from my family.

I got some medicine from a doctor, took it once or twice, and then thought, ... Read More

Experiencing God’s Favor In Career And Business

January 2017, Uganda

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-six-year-old who lived the last few years with no regard for God. I spent all my time in nightclubs and bars, and was homeless and jobless for almost a year.

One day, the Lord reached out to me and I began to seek Him. But I struggled in my ... Read More

Encouraged By Grace Messages, Won Custody Battle

January 2017, United Kingdom

In 2014, I was embroiled in an extremely difficult custody battle over my now three-and-a-half-year-old son. It was an exhausting two-year event of fact-finding trials, direction hearings, and mounting financial debt due to legal fees.

I did not have a proper full ... Read More

Received God’s Restoration Of Two Healthy Baby Girls

January 2017, Singapore

My husband and I had been trying for a baby since we got married. When I didn’t conceive even after a year, we decided to seek medical help.

The doctor said it would be almost impossible for us to conceive naturally, and advised us to start on a fertility treatment. ... Read More

Freed From Years Of Anger And Frustration

January 2017, United States

I had always believed I was cursed—whenever I was close to getting something that mattered to me, I would fail, time and again. Nothing seemed to change even after I became a believer and I became very angry and frustrated. This greatly affected my relationships and ... Read More

PR Application Approved Four Months Ahead Of Time

January 2017, South Africa

Pastor Prince, I had been staying in South Africa on a work permit and decided to apply for permanent residence (PR).

Upon submitting my application, I remembered your preaching on surrendering our cares to the Lord and resting in Him. I also remembered you declaring 2016 ... Read More

Vertigo Gone, Cyst In Wife’s Ovary Shrunk

January 2017, United States

A few months ago, I experienced a sudden onset of vertigo and was unable to drive, walk, or read. I could only sit in front of the television. I prayed to be delivered from the condition, and declared by faith scriptures from memory: “God has not given me a spirit of ... Read More

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