Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Son Divinely Protected From Harm In Car Accident

January 2015, United States

My twenty-four-year-old son, Luke, was crossing the street on a crosswalk in New York City when he was struck by a cab going about 25mph to 30mph. He was struck on the leg, thrown onto the hood of the car, and landed on the street. Miraculously, he was totally fine after ... Read More

Sales Increased After Confessing Righteousness

January 2015, United States

As a salesman, my income is based on the sales commission I make. So for the past few years, I lived in constant fear that I would not make enough sales to pay my bills.

But some time ago, I began meditating on Pastor Prince’s teaching on righteousness. Instead of ... Read More

Quit Smoking, Voice Restored And Given Second Chance In Career

January 2015, United States

I grew up with a church background but did not understand that Jesus had already paid the entire price for all my sins. When I was nineteen years old, I went down the wrong path and began to smoke marijuana and cigarettes, which ultimately led to fornication, heavy ... Read More

No More Cancer Cells, Ministry Transformed

January 2015, United States

In January 2013, I was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. When I received the report, I wondered what I had done to receive this illness. I thought it was because I’d asked God to send me a terminal disease at a time when I was feeling frustrated. The more I ... Read More

Protected From Severe Allergic Reaction To Bee Sting

January 2015, United States

When my husband was a child, he suffered a bee sting that caused severe swelling to his ankle. At the time, his doctor told his parents that if he ever got stung again, it could be fatal. Over the last thirty-five years, Frank made sure he avoided getting another bee sting.... Read More

Set Free By Grace, Husband Healed Of Heart Defect

January 2015, United States

Despite being a Christian since 1993, I have always felt separated from God. Last year, I told God that there has to be more to the relationship with Him than what I was experiencing. I asked Him to show me great and mighty things and reveal His divine purpose for my life.... Read More

Father Blessed With Better Job, Faith Strengthened

January 2015, Ethiopia

When my father retired two years ago, he still had my two younger sisters to put through university. On top of that, he was also financially supporting my mother’s social work ministry in our local community.

But soon after retirement, he was blessed with a ... Read More

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