Praise Reports

Kept Safe Through Appendicitis Complication

April 2016, Trinidad and Tobago

For six weeks, I experienced great pain in my abdomen. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me and assumed I had strained myself carrying my heavy schoolbag. But I knew something was really wrong.

One day, I switched on the television and saw Pastor Joseph ... Read More

Blessed With New Position, Enjoying Favor At Workplace

April 2016, India

I left my previous job in July 2015 because my manager persecuted me for being a Christian. Despite applying for many jobs and sending out résumés, I remained jobless for six months. I felt hopeless as others mocked and shamed me over my ... Read More

Set Free From Smoking And Drinking

April 2016, South Africa

I used to be addicted to alcohol and smoking. I struggled to quit these habits until a friend, who was not even aware of my condition, bought me Pastor Joseph Prince’s book, Destined To Reign. I took it with me to Switzerland during the winter months of November and ... Read More

Delivered From Sexual Sins, Life Now Better

April 2016, South Africa

I used to feel lonely and empty. I would watch pornography and masturbate, and would even look for prostitutes.

I was also not doing great academically and gave up thinking I could make it in life. I tried reading motivational and spiritual books, but their effects would ... Read More

Promoted Despite Odds, Family Protected From Serious Harm In Car Accident

April 2016, Singapore

I have been in a company for ten years and was promoted eight years ago. The vertical hierarchy structure is quite flat, which makes it very difficult for promotions to occur. The yearly promotion quota is also very low. One has to out-perform his peers very significantly ... Read More

Freed From Condemnation, No More Fear Of Visiting Dentist

April 2016, Nigeria

I grew up in an environment where keeping the Ten Commandments was upheld as a virtue and a sign of being born again. I was taught that God would punish me whenever I sinned, and if anything bad happened to me, it was because I (or my ancestors) did something wicked in the ... Read More

Delivered From Demonic Activity, Family Received Christ

April 2016, United States

My friend called me late one night asking if my wife and I could go over to his house and pray for his family. He told me he was experiencing fear and torment from what he believed was an evil spirit dwelling in his home. He did not know what to do as he was not a believer ... Read More

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