Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Set Free From Guilt And Shame

March 2015, United States

I grew up in a Christian home where our family attended church regularly. My grandfather, after whom I was named, was a preacher. I also loved my parents and my family, especially my father.

However, I was sexually abused by my next-door neighbor, a boy two years older ... Read More

Protected From Accidents On Sea And In Air

March 2015, United States

The Lord has blessed me through the ministry of Joseph Prince. One such blessing is his teaching on Psalm 91. I have been putting what I have learned from that teaching into practice and have been believing God for His protection over my family.

Recently, I was enjoying a ... Read More

Relieved Of Skin Affliction

March 2015, United States

I used to be afflicted with a skin condition all over my back, chest, and outer thighs. I’d prayed for it to go away and was healed on my back and chest but there were still large patches on both my outer thighs. For years, I prayed and used creams and lotions but it ... Read More

Freed From Shame, Now Spreading The Gospel

March 2015, India

I grew up in a traditional Christian family. My mother used to take me to church and I also attended Sunday School, so I knew who Jesus was. I used to read the Bible but it made me feel very guilty because of the Ten Commandments.

Slowly, I avoided reading the Bible. I ... Read More

Healed Of Severe Stomach Pains

March 2015, United States

For over three years, I endured severe stomach pains. I couldn’t even hold my food down. Each time the pain went off, it would come back worse. I consulted the doctors but they did not have a prognosis.

Recently, I began listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons, ... Read More

Freed From Depression Of Over Forty Years

March 2015, United States

I am writing to say thank you to Pastor Prince for pointing me to Jesus. His extraordinary way of preaching the gospel of grace has transformed and set me free.

I was born into a cult commune in 1968. Even though I was taught that Jesus is my Savior, I’d spent many ... Read More

Free From Drug Addiction

March 2015, United States

I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol at fifteen years old. I got kicked out of school for drinking and was arrested for drugs at nineteen. I lived my life that way until I was thirty-eight. I have been to a couple of treatment centers but have never been able to ... Read More

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