Praise Reports

Achieved Significant Milestone At Work After Confessing Deuteronomy 28:4

February 2017, United States

I work in the nonprofit sector in the United States and had been in supporting roles for five years. Early this year, God blessed me with a frontline position that involves securing major charitable gifts from philanthropists. However, eight months on, I still had not ... Read More

Freed From Pornography, Now Preaching Grace Message

February 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, I used to rob and steal—even from my own mother—in order to sustain a seventeen-year drug addiction. As a result, I was in and out of prison. I also had a twenty-six-year smoking habit and would smoke two to three packs a day.

In 1987, God ... Read More

Gave Birth To Healthy Baby At Age Forty-Seven After Two Miscarriages

February 2017, United States

My husband and I wanted to start a family after we got married two years ago, but I miscarried twice. The doctors told me that because I was already forty-seven years old, my chances of conceiving were very low as my eggs were old and my ovarian reserve was low. In ... Read More

Delivered From Fear Of Suffering A Stroke

February 2017, United Kingdom

I developed a fear of getting a stroke after my mom died of a stroke when I was seventeen. I am sixty-two now.

Recently, I felt dizzy one morning and was afraid that I was going to suffer a stroke. I thought of calling my husband but the Lord stopped me. He wanted to deal ... Read More

Finances Improved After Finding Courage In The Lord To Make Career Change

February 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, I first heard you preach in 2006 and I have read your book, The Power of Right Believing.

As a grandson of two preachers, I was brought up to be “good” and “nice.” I did not understand the grace of God nor my inheritance in Christ. As ... Read More

Eyes Opened To Grace, Actively Sharing The Gospel

February 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I have been a Christian since I was a child and came across your television broadcast in 2012. Although I found your program interesting, I thought your teachings on grace gave people the license to sin. As such, I would discourage myself and others from ... Read More

Freed Of 25-Year Smoking Addiction, Healed Of Pneumonia And Tuberculosis

February 2017, Indonesia

I have been watching Pastor Prince’s sermons and reading his daily devotionals every day. Last year, a chest X-ray revealed that I had pneumonia and tuberculosis.  The doctor advised me to consult with a lung specialist. The doctor’s report made me so ... Read More

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