Praise Reports

Praise Reports

No More Depression And Suicidal Thoughts

August 2015, Canada

Pastor Prince, I was led by the Holy Spirit to listen to your teachings while I was asking God how to be freed from condemnation.

I used to feel so condemned I became depressed and had suicidal thoughts. But praise the Lord, I am now free from condemnation after listening ... Read More

Received Two Job Offers, Marriage Strengthened

August 2015, United States

In January this year, I made a prayer request on Joseph Prince Ministries’ website, asking for prayer for my finances and marriage. I explained in my prayer request that I’d gone into a business that I thought God had led me to five years ago.

It was a struggle ... Read More

Daughter Healed Of Multiple Sclerosis

August 2015, United States

Back in 2008, my husband stumbled across Joseph Prince’s preaching on television after coming home late from work one night. He was going to change the channel but found his attention caught by what Joseph was saying. After watching him a few more times, my husband ... Read More

Set Free From Wrong Believing, Now Preaching Gospel Of Grace

August 2015, Bahrain

I was raised in a Christian home and led a religious life where wrong teachings about God led to wrong believing and ultimately wrong living. 

Whenever I sinned, I would have this sense of guilt and condemnation. I would believe that Jesus was shaking His head with ... Read More

Set Free From Anger And Frustration By Praying In The Spirit

August 2015, Spain

I used to be very unhappy with God. In fact, I spent most of my days blaming God for not giving me everything that He had promised. 

One night, while working on a project, I got so frustrated that I stopped and went to bed. However, because I still had some energy ... Read More

Set Free From Anorexia

August 2015, South Africa

I am twenty-three years old. for ten years, I suffered and fought anorexia to the point that everyone, including medical professionals, believed I would drop dead at any second. At one point, my weight reached an all-time low of twenty-five kilograms. It is a miracle that I ... Read More

Experiencing Success In Business After Being Retrenched

August 2015, South Africa

I had always felt like a total failure, as I had always been last in everything—in school, in college, in sports, and in work. I had never experienced success in anything and thought I would ever do well in life. 

In 2005, after working for fifteen years in a ... Read More

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