Praise Reports

Praise Reports

Bills Paid, Marriage Restored

November 2014, United States

I separated from my husband in June 2013. He had walked out on me and my son, and I was left to pay for the bills myself. I had no job and no money, but thank God I had Him.

Though I knew that God loved me, I did not know if He still loved me in the midst of my failures, ... Read More

Protected From Harm By God’s Angels

November 2014, United States

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for letting Jesus Christ lead you in teaching the much-needed message of grace. Today, I read your Daily Grace Inspiration titled, God’s Angels are Watching Over You, and was really encouraged.

I recall an incident when my daughter and I ... Read More

Delivered From Cigarettes And Drugs By God’s Grace

November 2014, India

Though I was born in a Christian family and I believed in Jesus, my mind was set on worldly things. I used to love listening to heavy metal music and was deeply influenced by the heavy metal bands and their lifestyles. This led me to consume alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes, ... Read More

Ears Healed After Fifteen Years

November 2014, United States

For over fifteen years, I suffered from an illness that affected my ears, causing them to be stopped up. I saw doctors, ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists, and even an ear-subspecialty surgeon at a major hospital. All of them could only direct me to take different ... Read More

Set Free After Listening To Gospel Of Grace

November 2014, United States

I got saved after graduating from high school in 1978. I remember being filled with joy and peace after reading God’s promises from the Bible.

But years later, I lost that feeling. I prayed, read ... Read More

Experiencing Increase In All Areas In Year Of Greater Glory

November 2014, United States

I started watching Joseph Prince in October 2011. I would watch his sermons before leaving for work every morning. I was twenty-two years old then and I was struggling with condemnation for things that were going on in my life. I also hated my job because my boss was making ... Read More

Healed From Tourette Syndrome

November 2014, United States

I suffered from a neurological disorder known as Tourette syndrome, which is characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements, and vocalizations called “tics” since I was a child. As a result, I was bullied in school and ridiculed all my life. ... Read More

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