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Freed From Self-Hatred, Enjoying Better Relationship With Mother

August 2016, Canada

I had a hard time growing up because I never knew what would set my mother off. Life with her was like walking on egg shells—she would be loving and kind one moment, then fly into a rage the next. She would also tell me that she loved me, then scream at me saying I ... Read More

Family Relationships Restored

August 2016, Kenya

My marriage used to be furiously stormy—my husband became abusive toward me after he lost his job and money in 2005. Our three children were still toddlers at that time. I cried painful tears due to his physical, emotional, and verbal assaults. We had been to various ... Read More

Supernatural Conception After Attending Grace Revolution USA Tour

August 2016, United States

In 2015, a friend offered me a free ticket to Joseph Prince’s Grace Revolution USA Tour in Dallas, Texas. However, I turned it down because I had too many college assignments.

When on a separate day, another friend from church offered me a free ticket to the same ... Read More

Answered Prayers On Life Partner And Sharing God’s Word

August 2016, New Zealand

A few years ago, I put across three prayer requests to Joseph Prince Ministries after hearing Pastor Prince’s encouragement. I was believing God to meet these prayer requests for the year. They were namely, to have the opportunity to share God’s Word on a ... Read More

Delivered From 28-Year Smoking Habit Effortlessly

August 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I just want to let you know that after reading your Daily Grace Inspirations devotional titled, “Lord, I Cannot, But You Can!”, I too was delivered from smoking in the same way.

I used to smoke at least two packs of cigarettes each day and this ... Read More

Debts Cancelled, Offered Better-Paying Job

August 2016, United Kingdom

I would like to thank my loving heavenly Father for leading me to Joseph Prince Ministries in 2014. Even though I had been saved for over nineteen years, it was my first time hearing the grace of God in the gospel. Since then, I have been continually listening to Pastor ... Read More

Delivered Healthy Baby Despite Negative Medical Reports

August 2016, United States

I have a twelve-year-old son and two-year-old daughter. My daughter is a miracle gift from the Lord. Before she was conceived, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and was advised to have surgery.

At that time, I had learned about healing through the Holy ... Read More

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