20 Years of Grief and Anger Lifted After Prayer

I had been struggling with grief and anger for over 20 years.

Recently, I went to Singapore for a vacation to visit my friend’s family. I have been watching New Creation Church’s online service back home, and I decided to visit New Creation Church while there.

On Sunday, 8 May, I woke up feeling depressed and told my friend that I had lost my will to live. I specifically said, “I no longer want to wake up, but I also find it hard to sleep.”

That day, I attended New Creation Church. I was blessed by the powerful sermon by Pastor Prince, and felt that the message was for me. Then, Pastor Prince paused before closing the service and said that there was someone who was in need of healing. I assumed that he would close the service after saying that, but he paused again!

This time around, he said that there was someone thinking of hurting herself or taking away her life, and that the person had been battling with depression for some time. Pastor Prince also encouraged the person to receive healing and be released from that bondage.

When I heard that, I received the prayer. At that moment, I felt all the grief and anger within me being lifted from my body! Hallelujah. God is so good! Thank You, God, and thank you, Pastor Prince.

United Arab Emirates