No More Depression and Anxiety After Listening to Sermons

Pastor Prince, I am a psychotherapist practicing in Japan.

A couple years ago, I was suddenly hit by a wave of depression and anxiety. I was very scared of what I was going through as I knew the symptoms better than anyone else. I treated myself using the knowledge I had about depression and anxiety, yet this did not produce much results. It made me even more fearful as I did not know how to find freedom.

During this time, my wife and I began to listen to your messages. It started with us listening once a day to playing your sermons non-stop throughout the day. I was particularly inspired by what you shared about how I can receive peace and healing through listening to the Word of Christ. I began soaking myself in your sermons and believing that His Word is health to all my flesh and strength to my bones.

I had been seeing my doctor once a week, but as I continued to listen to your messages, meditate on God’s Word, and partake of the holy Communion, I began to feel better. Eventually, I did not need to see my doctor anymore.

At the same time, I was also studying for the highest level of the Japanese proficiency examination. Due to what I was going through, I could not fully focus on studying. But I’m so glad I trusted in God’s favor and not my effort.

By God’s grace entirely, I passed the exam with straight As and fully completed my studies! He blessed me with a clear mind and healthy body on the day of the exam. I still remember the peace and strength I felt that day. Truly, I have experienced what it means to rest in God’s love for me and see Him work on my behalf.

Praise God and all glory to Him! And thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the uncompromised gospel of grace. It is now my dream to be a pastor and build a church that preaches the gospel of grace in Japan.

Jono Lee