Able to Sleep Well Again After 5 Years of Struggle

I used to be able to get a great night’s sleep every night and never thought twice about it. Then 5 years ago, out of nowhere, I began to struggle with falling asleep and getting quality rest even though I was very tired. Some nights I had no faith, but I still believed Jesus is faithful.

Recently I have been watching and re-watching Pastor Prince’s sermon where he shared about Jesus as our sin offering, and I began to believe Jesus has already paid for my 120 percent, much-more restoration. It didn’t happen immediately, but as I kept listening to sermons about His grace and faithfulness, my condition improved, and I am now completely healed. I get better quantity and quality of sleep every night and am at complete rest!

So friends, Jesus is always faithful even when we are not. To anyone else with a problem that does not seem to be getting better, know that Jesus will deliver you!

All praise and glory to God!

Daniel D’Arcangelis
New York, United States