Arm Healed of Intense Pain

I injured my right arm in February last year while lifting a heavy box onto a shelf. Because of the intense pain, I thought I might have torn my rotator cuff but decided to just nurse it with ice, heat, and anti-inflammatories. My arm was pretty much incapacitated for weeks and then, months. I’d appealed to the Lord many times for relief and healing as the nerve pain was relentless and just getting to be too much.

I have watched Pastor Prince regularly on television for several years and get so much out of every teaching. But I didn’t tune in for a couple of months, choosing instead to watch some of his YouTube sermonettes.

One morning, I felt the need to tune in to Pastor Prince’s television broadcast. The message preached was wonderful and as he was wrapping up, he began to pray for various needs. I joined in with an attitude of prayer for healing for all the needs he called out. As he was closing, he paused for a moment and said, “Someone needs healing for their right arm.” Those words were for me! I quickly put my left arm on my right arm as he prayed and received my healing. From that moment on, I have regained full use of my right arm with no more nerve pain! Thank You, Lord!

It occurred to me that I only had to believe the Lord had already given me healing. I didn’t need to keep pleading for it. I just needed to acknowledge, accept, and receive what He has already provided! When Pastor Prince prayed over my condition, it felt like I had been seen and heard and was now at the front of the line “collecting the answer to my prayers.” But I now know that what really happened was God had used Pastor Prince to speak directly into my spirit to help me receive my healing with thankfulness.

My arm is healed, my faith has increased, and I am compelled to tell everyone who will listen to my testimony. To God be the glory!

Ohio, United States

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