Cancer-free, Medical Bills Paid for

Late last year, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. I went through the darkest time in my life filled with fear and was depressed. I blamed myself for not going to get checked by the doctor sooner.

During this time, I listened to Pastor Prince’s broadcasts and messages constantly. I meditated on his teachings, which brought peace and then provision. I also partook of the holy Communion daily.

When my insurance company heard that I had cancer, they informed me that I was under investigation for fraud by pre-existing condition. I was determined to not worry about it and anointed the letters I received from the insurance company. I told the Lord that it was His problem to handle.

One day, I saw that a payment had been made on my medical bills. I called my insurance company and they informed me that they had cleared me of fraud. They had also begun paying tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for me!

I had a sweet moment of joy with the Lord in my kitchen where I thanked Him with tears of joy and laughter for all He had done for me. There are so many good things that came about as a result of the diagnosis, but to keep it short, I am alive, well, and cancer-free!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching me that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and therefore blessed.

Beth Thomason
Virginia, United States