Delivered from Postpartum Anxiety and Depression

I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and depression after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I had the most horrifying symptoms, but God delivered me, and I am now living life to the full with joy, peace, and soundness of mind.

The Lord led me to begin praying in the Spirit throughout the day, every day. The Joseph Prince Ministry (JPM) offer for the month at the time was a package on praying in the Spirit, so I got those messages and began listening to them, praying in the Spirit throughout the day as I listened. What happened next was phenomenal.

As I prayed, I experienced several things. Sometimes, when I was assailed by physical symptoms of fatigue, weakness, headaches, or head pressure, I would pray and feel them lift off me. I also began to experience a revelation of God’s Word like never before. Sleep, which was so evasive, became easy for me. I noticed that I slept soundly on those nights when I prayed before bedtime.

When panic attacks woke me from sleep, the Lord led me to pray in tongues, and I fell back to sleep easily. My mind was cleared of all intrusive thoughts, my face brightened up, my appetite returned, and I was filled with a desire for God and His Word. Even my therapist, physician, and family members noticed the dramatic effect and asked me what happened.

I was able to return to work in just a few weeks, with all my symptoms gone. I continue to listen to the messages on grace and righteousness and pray in the Spirit daily.

The Lord has set me free from emotional wounds, healed my body, and caused all my dry grounds to be saturated with water, with grass sprouting like a meadow, and poplar trees by the stream, as in the book of Isaiah. All the cares that assailed me have fallen off, each resolved by the Lord as He taught me to live one day at a time. As I pray in the Spirit and rest, He takes care of everything.

I am living life to the fullest, better than before the trial, one day at a time, with a consciousness of God’s love and presence, and the help of the Spirit. If I could summarize what happened to me, I would say the Holy Spirit prayed for me, interceded for me, demanding that I be delivered from going down to the pit because a ransom has been paid for me by Jesus.

Thank you, JPM, for being a source of God’s Word to feed on daily and for providing a message I can share with others experiencing the same or other trials. God bless!

T. O.
Minnesota, United States

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