Experienced Accelerated Healing from Burn Accident

At the start of my second year in university, I had a domestic accident with boiling-hot water. A pot filled with 4 liters of boiling water exploded, splashing all its contents onto my face. Reflecting on this accident, I now know God and His angels were protecting me. I didn’t scream nor did I remember feeling any pain at all. I calmly went upstairs to stand under a cold shower.

The doctors said my nerve endings were fine but they did say my face would become severely rippled and discolored with my eyelids severely scarred.

For the next 5 days, I listened to Joseph Prince’s sermon, “Speak What You Want to See, Not What You See!” I continued going for my university lectures as usual. Through this experience, I understood how as a sinner, I completely deserve punishment. However, Jesus took beatings to His face and was whipped so that I could receive the healing I don’t deserve as He took the punishment He didn’t deserve. How incredible!

Miraculously, 5 days later, my skin totally recovered without any scarring and was fresh like a baby’s! When I went for my follow-up appointment 2 weeks later, the nurses were surprised at the seamless healing process and lack of infection. Hallelujah!

Thank You, Jesus, for Pastor Prince. Without the Word he preached, I would have been a stressed-and-panicked mess, not believing the Lord for His finished work and not knowing His love for me that never withholds anything good, including healing.

Jo Grant
Great Britain