Experiencing Hope and Joy, Church Growing

My parents started our church in Missouri 16 years ago. Though the church remained small, my dad never gave up and continued preaching and trusting God.

A few years ago, a fire started in me. I made it my mission to do all I could to make our church grow. I preached a message about “what we have is already in the house” and talked about the widow who didn’t have anything except a bit of oil. Within months, we had a whole praise and worship team, and people were flocking in. Our church was growing, and we were excited and blessed!

Then, in November 2021, my dad passed away at 77. I didn’t know how we were going to continue without him. He was such a vital part of our church. He was the head pastor, the one with all the wisdom, the funny one, everyone’s favorite, and he was my dad, my hero!

Even though I did not know how we were going to continue, I knew to trust God. So that’s what we did. My mom took over as head pastor, and my brother and I are both co-pastors. Four days after my dad passed away, we had church and let the people know we were still a church.

But I was struggling and in grief. I didn’t know how to live life without my dad, but for our church’s sake, I had to be strong. I had to keep going. I didn’t know who was going to feed me now. I am very picky about who I listen to because it must be the truth and the whole truth.

Pastor Prince, I have listened to your messages over the years here and there. My dad had always agreed with every word you preached and spoke highly of you. So I tuned in to your messages on YouTube. I would listen to them while I was in the shower, while putting on my makeup, while driving, and while cooking supper. I couldn’t listen to my dad’s messages because it was too painful and sad, so I would listen to yours.

Your messages brought me hope and joy. You brought the humor that I was missing from my dad. You preached on things I hadn’t heard anyone else preach on except my dad. Just like the message about “John, the disciple whom Jesus loved.” I’ve never heard anyone preach on that except you and my dad.

I’m still listening to your messages and take a lot of what you say and preach it myself. God has used you to be such an encouragement to me, to keep me going, and to keep my eyes on Jesus. I am so grateful, thankful, and blessed!

Since my dad went to heaven, our church has continued growing. We went from 10 people to 100 in just a year and a half! People are getting saved, delivered, set free, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost. Dad’s anointing has been passed down to my mom, my brother, and to me. We can go on without my dad. That’s a big lesson to me—it’s not about the man, it’s about God’s anointing. I already know that, but I’m a daddy’s girl and thought the world of him.

My dad was the best earthly example that I know of who loved like Jesus. His heart was for people. I see that in you as well, and so I wanted to write to you and thank you for doing your calling. You are making a difference in so many people’s lives, including mine.

Pastor Kami Coulter Wren
Missouri, United States

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