Freed from Pain and Addiction After Partaking of the Communion

I was diagnosed with streptococcus infection (a bacteria that causes disorders such as strep throat, pneumonia and bloodstream infection) and experienced unbearable pain in my head, hands and feet.

I visited multiple hospitals 14 times within 2 years, and was prescribed antibiotics and other heavy medication. The fever would go away for a while but not the pain. Then, I was given morphine because no other painkillers could help me. After 2 years of treatment with no results, the doctors told me they could not help me anymore. I lost all hope. 

At that time, I was taught I was sick because God was either teaching me a lesson or it was a consequence of the sins I had committed.

Year by year, my morphine dosage increased until I reached the maximum dose. I was addicted to morphine and could not lead a normal life. Eight years ago, I went to a rehabilitation center, but stopped after 14 days as I could not stand the terrible withdrawal symptoms. The doctors explained to me that because morphine is a synthetic drug, the drug withdrawal symptoms would be more painful and take longer to go away.

Five years later, someone came to our church and told us to be wary of a preacher on TV called Joseph Prince. Intrigued, I started watching Pastor Prince’s sermons secretly with much caution and scepticism.

But the more I watched the sermons, the more hopeful and free I became. Finally, God’s grace completely changed my Christian life. It was a revelation for me to learn that there is now no more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus! Hallelujah!

Since then, I would watch Pastor Prince’s sermons twice a day. I would also partake of the Lord's Supper regularly, believing that by His stripes, I have already been healed. I have also been confessing that I am the righteousness of God in Christ daily. 

Since last year—after almost 18 years—I have been set free from morphine addiction and pain. This was completely effortless, and I experienced no withdrawal symptoms.


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