Gave Birth to Healthy Boy Despite Bad Reports

After my husband and I got married, we waited 4 years before deciding to start a family. But after nearly a year of trying, we had no success.

We decided I should consult a doctor as I had a pre-existing condition of endometriosis. We thought it could be the reason we were not conceiving. After the doctor learned the reason for my visit, he asked to see my husband as well, and he started doing tests on both of us.

Many appointments and tests later, they discovered some complications and told us we could not conceive naturally. We were devastated! We were referred to an IVF (in vitro fertilization) center. Our first cycle of IVF was unsuccessful. None of our eggs fertilized, and they told us our chances of a successful outcome were very slim to none.

I prayed constantly for a miracle. I grew up knowing Jesus as my Savior, and even though I knew about grace and what Jesus did for me at the cross, I only really started to understand grace as unmerited favor when I watched sermons by Pastor Prince. I read his books The Power of Right Believing and Unmerited Favor. I watched more and more of his teachings and learned to just spend time with Jesus. I started to be more Jesus-conscious.

We continued to receive one bad report after another, but I kept listening to Pastor Prince. I always found that God used his sermons to provide comfort and hope for me. After many unsuccessful results through IVF and a miscarriage, I refused to go back. It was too painful!

My husband and I prayed for God’s intervention—to send us a sign as we didn’t know whether IVF was God’s plan for us. My niece then had a prophetic dream that I was very heavily pregnant and was walking out of the center where we had been going for IVF. We felt that it was the sign we needed that God was with us through IVF and that it was where He wanted us to go.

I called the center and was told we only had one more week left before being taken off the program, and we wouldn’t qualify for another free IVF trial. Here in the United Kingdom, we have 3 free trials for IVF on the National Health Service. After that, you have to pay for it, and it can be very expensive.

We started another round of IVF and got a successful implant. A few weeks later, we had a positive pregnancy test. We were so excited! But at 11 weeks, I started bleeding one night. When we called the hospital, we got an appointment for the following afternoon. My husband put his hand on my belly and started praying. I immediately felt God’s peace come over me.

The next morning, I felt worried again about the bleeding. I sat down and watched a sermon by Pastor Prince titled The Key to Robust Faith. Some minutes into the sermon, Pastor Prince talked about IVF, and I knew God had guided me to listen to the sermon. Pastor Prince spoke about how IVF could be God’s plan and that we should trust in God and go to Him first with everything. I cried and cried, knowing God had sent that message just for me.

We attended our appointment at the hospital later that day, at which point the bleeding had started to get considerably less. The nurse took the first scan of my belly to confirm that our baby was completely healthy. Praise God!

Our son was born on May 2019. He is completely healthy, growing and developing well. All praise to our King! And thank you, Pastor Prince, for all your wonderful teachings and sermons on grace!

Martina Potter
United Kingdom