Grandson Healed Of Days of High Fever

My precious, little 2 year-old grandson was suffering from high fever and pneumonia for 10 days. He was in the hospital and nothing seemed to be working. He kept getting the fever and was very despondent and sick. His breathing and heart rate were very abnormal.

I listened to Pastor Prince and his healing messages, and my husband and I stood in faith together. On the 10th day, I opened the Bible looking for healing scriptures, and Jesus led me to the scripture about the Roman nobleman asking Jesus to heal his son and the exact hour he had asked, Jesus healed his son and the fever left (John 4:46–54).

After that, my husband and I prayed and believed my grandson would not have another fever. I also partook of the holy Communion and claimed healing for my little boy. I’m so happy to say he’s getting stronger every day and playing just as how a 2 year old should.

To God be the glory! Jesus totally healed him. Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for all your wonderful teachings about our beautiful Savior.

Karen Roberts
New York, United States