Granted Housing Loan, Closed Deal for Newly-Built Home

I was married for almost 19 years when my husband left me for another woman, and we divorced. We owned a townhome in both our names that we eventually rented out. During the divorce, the tenant moved out of our townhome, and I moved back in. However, within 11 months, the townhome was foreclosed by the bank, and I had to move in to another apartment.

After living in that apartment for the next 6 years, I began looking for a more permanent home. During that time, I also started working with a bank to qualify for a home loan but was informed that foreclosure in my state needed to be 7 years. I had about 6 months left before I could qualify for a loan.

I have always tithed, and I also began partaking of the holy Communion. On the second or third day of partaking, my phone rang while I was receiving the Lord’s Supper. It was the bank calling to say they had referred me to a different bank that had foreclosure guidelines of only 5 years.

My loan was approved a few days before my birthday, and I closed the deal for a newly built home. The closing cost was only $409.16!

I thank God for moving in my life and making this happen. I’m grateful to Pastor Joseph Prince, who has helped me to receive a revelation of the power of the holy Communion.

Georgia, United States