Gums and Teeth Healed After Partaking of Communion

I suffered bad bone loss in my gums. It was so bad the large molar on the upper left side of my mouth had fallen out on its own. When my boyfriend passed away, I became afraid of everything and believed a lie that I could save myself by cutting out “unnatural” products from my lifestyle. As a result, I developed really bad hygiene and the bone loss spread throughout my mouth. It affected my large molars, hindering my ability to chew.

It hurt to eat, brush my teeth, and sometimes even breathing cool air through my mouth was excruciatingly painful. I would get terrible headaches and my face would swell. Once, when I was trying to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermon on Facebook, pain seared my whole face and head and burned my eyes. That night, I cried myself to sleep. When I woke up, I felt better but the sensitivity continued.

After sitting under Pastor Prince’s teachings for years, I learned about my righteousness that is found in Christ. I began to pray in tongues, use the anointing oil, and command my condition to leave. Doing these things has blessed me in other areas of my life. However, I had no results with the conditions in my mouth.

Sometime last year, Pastor Prince began emphasizing partaking of the holy Communion. This blessed me so much. I stopped looking for immediate results and started enjoying the time together with my Lord Jesus. I began seeing us as one—His teeth where my teeth are, His flesh being ripped to provide healing for me. Because as Jesus is, so am I. He has no toothache or bone decay, so neither do I. I believed my teeth were as healthy as His, despite the pain I felt.

I began to partake of the Communion several times a day, not just for my teeth but also for my family, ministry, and pastor, and every time fear crept into my thoughts. He is so faithful. After some time, I noticed the sensitiveness in my teeth decreasing, and I was able to chew soft foods with my molars again. Brushing my teeth hurt less and now I can brush my teeth with no pain!

The most sensitive molar hardly wiggles at all now. This miracle is beyond amazing and it is all the Lord! Bone loss in my family seems to be hereditary and unstoppable, but what can stand up against my God? I’m so excited for what He is going to do next!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being faithful to what the Lord has put on your heart. Our Lord is so faithful, kind, loving, and powerful. To God be the glory!

Wisconsin, United States

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