Healed of Sharp Pain in Shoulder During LA Worship Event

My wife and I are married for 34 years. We discovered Joseph Prince’s ministry through his satellite broadcasts. As we were unable to attend a local church regularly since we traveled around in a recreational vehicle (RV), Joseph Prince’s programs quickly became part of our daily Bible study.

We love starting the day with a cup of coffee and Pastor Prince’s message for the day. We have also been regular partakers of the Holy Communion for the last 6 months or so.

When we learned of his 5-city tour here in the United States, I stayed up until 1am to get registration tickets for the Los Angeles (LA) event. I also purchased tickets for our 4 children, who drove in from Phoenix to join us. The October 30 event was actually on my 59th birthday.

Just 2 days prior to the event, I suddenly developed a sharp pain in my right shoulder. I don’t remember how it happened, but it was so bad I had a hard time lifting items over my head.

While driving my family to downtown LA for the event, I told myself, “If Pastor Prince gets a word specifically about pain in someone’s right shoulder, I’m claiming it!”

Sure enough, during worship, Pastor Prince got a word for healing of that very condition. I started moving my shoulder in all ranges of motion and there was 0 pain. Pastor Prince asked for those who had received healing to wave. I just kept waving to praise Jesus.

I was about 10 rows from the front so Pastor Prince could see me and confirm the healing was for me. I couldn’t get the smile off my face and high-fived a sister in Christ sitting next to us.

Shortly after the event, while driving back to our RV, I noticed a slight return of the pain. I said to myself, “Devil, you’re not stealing this healing. No, I am healed in the name of Jesus.” By the time we got back to the RV, the pain was gone and now almost 1 week later (at the point of writing), I’m still pain-free.

I can’t tell you what a blessing Pastor Prince’s ministry has been to our family. My wife and I have been born-again for more than 35 years and have always belonged to Bible-teaching and Spirit-filled churches. Yet we have never had the grace message taught to us like this. It has truly transformed our lives.

I struggled for years with a porn addiction I just couldn’t gain victory over no matter what I did. It wasn’t until I heard Pastor Prince’s message of “right believing leads to right living” and understanding God’s grace and the gift of righteousness that I had victory in this area.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for following God’s call on your life to bring the true message of God’s grace to a world that desperately needs it. Praise the wonderful name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Warren Eley
South Dakota, United States