Health and Mental Well-Being Restored

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I experienced my first series of anxiety and panic attacks.

For 6 months, I experienced fear, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and nightmares. I was not able to function during the day without help, and couldn’t play with my kids because of fatigue, chest pains, migraines and all sorts of other symptoms. I cried out to God saying, “Lord! What is this? Where are You? Are You seeing what’s happening to Your baby? I need You!”

During this period, my family and I kept partaking of the holy Communion, sometimes 5 to 6 times a day, believing and declaring divine health in our bodies. I would partake of it whenever there were symptoms showing or if I had any weird thoughts. We also anointed ourselves with anointing oil and declared our healing. After 5 months, my symptoms got a whole lot better, but I still had my moments of crying and asking for more healing.

I listened to one of Pastor Prince’s sermons where he preached about righteousness and it spoke to me. I thought I had it down pat but God revealed to me that my understanding of His righteousness in Christ was still a bit shaky. It was then that I began searching for Pastor Prince’s teachings on righteousness. I wanted to know what Jesus did for me and how much He loves me.

I began listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons multiple times a day and more intensely. The more revelation I received, the more peace I had. As hunger for the Word increased, I had fewer symptoms, more energy to play with my kids, and joy and laughter returned to my house.

When I heard Pastor Prince preach on flowing with the Spirit and speaking in tongues, I began practicing this. When things got frustrating, I heard the Lord telling me to simply enjoy the day with Him. It felt restful and peaceful and my little conversations with Him began to grow longer. I found that as I began to pray more and more in the Spirit, I went from a 65 percent to a 95 percent restoration of health within a few days!

I now know I am the righteousness of God in Christ, and the Holy Spirit lives in me, praying perfect prayers for me. Thank You, Abba Father!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. God bless you!

Kentucky, United States