Housing Transactions Full of God’s Favor

Last year, my husband and I decided to put up our house for sale to buy a bigger one as our family had grown. At the time, the housing market was still stable, and we expected to sell it quickly. But the days dragged into weeks, and we didn’t have an offer. It was a very exhausting and frustrating time for me as I have little children and cleaning the house for every viewing was tiring.

Then I remembered a testimony Pastor Prince had shared during one of his sermons on how he sold his flat and bought a new one, both at great prices, and I believed God would do this for my family as well. I shared this testimony with my husband, and we prayed about it.

After a few weeks, we sold our house for a great price, higher than what our realtor had predicted. Before we sold the house, I remembered Pastor Prince preaching on asking God for a listening heart. My husband and I specifically prayed about this before talking to our agent. When we spoke to the agent, we were advised on the way to go about listing our property a second time and selling it for a great price.

Next, we started our journey on looking for a new home. By this time, the market was very hot. Properties were snapped up far above the asking price.

I remembered how Pastor Prince preached about being led with peace—don’t buy anything under pressure. We had a budget, and I wanted to stick to it but there seemed to be no way we could buy a house without breaking our budget or the bank. I told my husband we should move into a temporary accommodation while we continued the search.

I noticed a property that had been on the market for a week. I had assumed it would have been sold because of the area it was in. Curious, I asked our agent to book a viewing. He himself was a bit skeptical.

We eventually got a viewing and went to see the house. It had 90 percent of what we considered important and was within our budget. Unbelievably, we were able to make an offer below the asking price without competing bidders, and our offer was accepted.

I can’t believe we got the house for the price and without competition from other bidders. It seemed like the house was kept specifically for us by Jesus. Our agent was also surprised and said someone must be watching out for us. I told him it was our Father God.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for all the wisdom you share in your messages. It is very useful for life and godliness.