Knee Condition Healed, Received Career Blessing

For the past 5 years, I had been having a right knee pain which resulted in difficulties getting up after sitting down.

I had consulted doctors and undergone various treatments, including taking a steroid jab and flushing out excess fluid around the knee joint. But the condition did not get better. The doctors diagnosed it as wear and tear due to my age, which is 55.

Seven months ago, my knee condition deteriorated after I had a fall at the wet market. To help with the pain, I took medication.

Around the same time, during one of New Creation Church’s online services, Pastor Prince prayed for those with knee conditions. I stood up to receive the healing for myself.

After Pastor Prince prayed, I moved my knee and realized that the stiffness on both the front and the back of my right knee was gone! Miraculously, the area which was painful due to the fall also disappeared completely. There was no more pain in my knee!

In addition, Pastor Prince also mentioned that someone would receive good news regarding his or her career in 2 weeks. At that time, I had applied for a therapist position and right after the prayer, my application was granted and I started at the role exactly 2 weeks after. Praise the Lord!

Michelle Thilaka