Knowing Grace Leads To A Fruitful Walk With God

I have been saved for more than 14 years and have been in full-time ministry for nine years. I must say that no one book (and I have read a lot of books), besides the Bible, has done more for me than Destined To Reign. Thank you for being obedient to the call to preach grace.

The abundant revelation on grace that you have introduced to me has made my walk with God so much more fruitful. I watch you all the time on television in the mornings here while I am on the treadmill. (I'm also trying to get the revelation you have on staying thin.) Your other book, Unmerited Favor, is awesome too. I must read both books again. I have been telling everyone everywhere to get your materials and watch your program.

Lastly, my pastor, who is a seasoned man of God and has done so much in his 50 years of ministry, has himself testified that you have the greatest revelation he has ever heard on grace and it has impacted him deeply. He runs with this revelation and has been preaching and teaching it while giving you all the credit. God is good.

Martin Happle
New Jersey