Life Gloriously Transformed by Gospel of Grace

I thank my Daddy God for Pastor Joseph Prince’s ministry, Grace Revolution Church Online (GRCO), and GRCO Digital Care Groups (DCG). My husband’s and my life have been radically transformed by the gospel of grace.

I was first introduced to Pastor Prince’s ministry after sustaining injuries during a deployment to Iraq. The Lord performed a miracle to save my life and revealed His incredible love to me, healing my heart.

Since then, through the holy Communion, praying in tongues, and meditating on God’s Word (wonderful grace gifts I’ve learned from Pastor Prince), the Lord has continued to bring about the rest of my healing over time. In fact, what I have experienced is a manifestation of 3 John 1:2. The Lord heals something in my heart by His grace, and then I see a corresponding manifestation in my body and relationships!

As I learned to simply look to Jesus and rest in my Daddy God’s love for me, addictions simply fell off. He set me free from alcohol, and the Holy Spirit had to point out to me that I had stopped drinking—I just didn’t even think about it anymore! Truly, only Jesus can set us free! I no longer smoke or even talk the same. I used to have a terrible temper that often led to drunken bar fights. I had experienced a lot of abuse as well and hurt many people. I had no idea before truly experiencing God’s grace just how cold, hard, and bitter my heart was.

This brings me to one of the GRCO Digital Care Group sessions (DCG #5). When the GRCO pastor mentioned that Pastor Prince’s ministry was first broadcast on television in April 2007, I broke down in tears. I realized I had been a part of his broadcast ministry since almost the beginning!

It was summer of 2008 when I was first introduced to Pastor Prince’s ministry. I remember asking the Lord a few years ago why He hadn’t brought the gospel of grace to me sooner. My life has been so transformed! What if my parents had known it? Or my brothers? What if I had known it sooner? I would have avoided so much pain. Right then and there, the Lord brought up a hazon vision in me.

The Lord showed me that while He was talking to Pastor Prince about starting a TV ministry, He was looking at me. His love-filled eyes were on me—His wayward child. He was working, planning, and making the way to bring me home again to heal my heart, set me free, and know Him like I could never have imagined or thought possible. I am so overwhelmed by the greatness of His love I can’t even put it into words!

My loving Daddy God has taken my and my husband’s hurts and turned them into something good. He has also given me the great privilege to minister to many other people with similar hurts. Truly, “our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Cor. 4:17).

Thank you, GRCO pastors for leading our GRCO church and DCGs! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for proclaiming the true gospel of grace and lifting up Jesus loud and clear for all of us to hear! And most importantly, I give thanks and praise to our sweet Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, and our loving Daddy God!

Charlie Ann Tracey
Washington, United States

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