Miraculous Healing of Chronic Shoulder and Back Pain

I had been having severe pain in my right shoulder for several years. Within the last year and a half, my left shoulder began to throb with pain. I also experienced sudden spasms running down my arms in the day and had trouble sleeping at night because of the pain.

I kept praying for God to heal me and take away the pain. I knew that the Word says by Jesus’ stripes, I am healed. So I kept believing God for my healing.

While my wife and I were watching Pastor Prince’s message on television titled, Amazing Things Happen When You Flow with the Spirit, he suddenly stopped preaching and said someone was experiencing pain in the left shoulder. He encouraged people with the same condition to raise their left hand 7 times as an act of faith to receive God’s healing.

My wife and I looked at each other when we heard that. Then I felt led by the Holy Spirit to raise my left arm and believe God for healing. As I lifted my arm for the third time, I felt a pop in my left shoulder and all the pain there was gone!

After that, I raised my other arm and cried out to God saying, “What about my right shoulder?” As soon as I prayed that, all the pain in my right shoulder left as well! PRAISE GOD! To HIM be all the glory, praise, and honor!

My healing didn’t stop there. I also had been having chronic back pain ever since I was born with 2 vertebrae fused together. My back pain got worse as I grew older.

While raising my arms that day, I never thought about asking God to heal my back. But all my back pain was gone the very next day! Truly, I serve an awesome God.

Glenn Bush
Florida, United States