Mother Accepted Christ

My mother had always been open to prayers and hearing sermons, but she was never saved. So, one of my prayer requests this year was for her to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior.

One day, as I was spending time with the Lord, I felt led to anoint my house and declare good over it. Days later, my mother suddenly felt the desire to read the Bible after meeting a friend who’s a believer. Immediately, I got her one. Seeing that she was starting to get hungry for the things of God, I encouraged her to declare that she is the righteousness of God in Christ.

I also remember Pastor Prince declaring that the year of hazon vision would be a year of many salvations. So, I started envisioning my house as a place of worship.

In the second week of January, I asked the Lord to help me share the gospel with my mother and He led me to Mark 5 where Jesus healed the woman of an issue of blood. I shared the story with my mother and told her that God not only wants to heal her, He also wants to be a Father to her. That day, I led my mother in the salvation prayer!

She was bursting with joy after the prayer, and was even healed of pains in her back and knee. She is now a different person, and she talks about Jesus constantly. She even shared about her desire to pray for her customers at work!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for releasing such a powerful word this year. My hazon vision came to pass within the first few weeks of January. All glory to God!

Gwendolyn Hew