Experienced Healing, Walking Cane-Free

I have been following Pastor Prince for some time now, and his message of grace has been such a blessing in my life! It started when I got hold of his devotional book The Healing Power of the Holy Communion.

That book really encouraged me to sit before the Lord every time the Holy Spirit led me to, and I’ve experienced an overflow of healing, blessings, grace, and provision in my life. This devotional was so powerful in that it encouraged me to not give up even when the state of my health was not changing.

I was dealing with a case of patellofemoral pain syndrome in both knees, and I’d pretty much lost my mobility. At one point, my physical therapist instructed me to buy a cane to help me regain my walking mechanics. Doctors and physical therapists didn’t know why my healing was taking so long.

It was when I heard Pastor Prince talk about incremental healing in one of his sermons and the devotional that I understood what was going on in my healing journey. Pastor Prince’s teaching encouraged me to not give up and to keep partaking of the holy Communion until I see my hundredfold healing!

I have witnessed a lot of progress in my healing. My walking mechanics have been restored. I am no longer on a cane, I have stopped wearing knee braces and knee sleeves, and I’m no longer icing my knees throughout the day. I’m able to help my husband put up groceries now, and I’m back to cooking. I can sit at work all day with no stiffness or pain, and there’s no inflammation or swelling in my knees. I’ve also come off prescribed medications and supplements, and recently, I’ve been able to stand up to read chapters from the Bible.

And the huge blessing is that I never had to have surgery on my knees—talk about the Lord’s healing grace! I am still partaking of the holy Communion every day, sometimes 3 to 4 times a day, and I have no plans on stopping or giving up on my full healing. I know that our Lord Jesus Christ is healing me more and more every day!

I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness, healing grace, and love for me. I’m also thankful to Pastor Prince for allowing the Lord to speak through him and remind us of just how much the Lord Jesus wants us healed. As Jesus is healthy and whole, so am I in this world!

To God be the glory!

Tennessee, United States