Sleeping Better, Appetite Restored

Pastor Prince, for about 2 months, I heard voices in my head, had trouble sleeping, and hardly had an appetite. I was talking to myself and was withdrawn from almost everyone. I could hardly watch any of your teachings.

I was blessed that God sent some people who prayed for me. During the deliverance process, by the grace of God, I remembered your teaching on partaking of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I also remembered the praise reports I had read on how our Lord has healed and provided for His children and began reading your daily grace inspirations.

I told the people who were praying for me about the importance of partaking of the body and blood of Christ. We started doing this every day, and I always partook, seeing Christ’s broken body and the stripes on His body. I believed that His blood has defeated the enemy and set me free.

I’m now completely healed! I don’t hear any more voices in my head. God has restored and given me a sound mind. I’m now able to sleep through most nights, and when I can’t sleep, I study the Word of God. My appetite has been restored in more ways than I can I describe. God has really blessed me and restored me back to full health.

I really thank God for leading me to your teachings. I have learned so much about grace, God’s love for me, and my righteousness in Him. I am able to her the Lord talking to me as I read the Bible. I give Jesus all the glory, honor, and praise!

Akello Bibiana

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