No More Fear of Disapproval, Seeing God’s Favor and Protection

After years of trying to earn God’s favor and love, which resulted in burnout and weariness, God began drawing me back to the true gospel of grace. Before that, I was questioning my place and identity based on other people’s views of me or how well things were going in the youth ministry I was leading.

During my school’s summer break, God began healing me with His love through Joseph Prince and other grace ministers. I began seeing myself as who Jesus created me to be as I listened to grace-filled messages and enjoyed time in His presence. I no longer feared what might happen if I made a mistake or how that might diminish the Lord’s view of me. I know He loves me and is proud of me.

On top of this, I just finished reading Joseph Prince’s The Prayer of Protection book on Psalm 91 and began praying portions of the psalm before I travel or go to the doctor. I have had a long, tough journey with my teeth and jaw, including many years of ineffective orthodontic work when I was a young boy. As an adult now, I am revisiting orthodontists with the right mindset that God’s favor and protection are upon me!

I wanted to get spacers in my teeth, which I remember caused pain for a day or two the last time I got them. But I prayed Psalm 91 as I went for my appointment. After the treatment, I left with absolutely zero pain and am excited about further treatments. I know God protected me from the pain and is ensuring my well-being—body, soul, and spirit.

I am free from trying to be perfect to earn the Lord’s blessings. I can now rest in Him knowing how much He loves me! Thank you for your ministry and for continuing to preach the true gospel of grace. It’s making a huge difference in my life!

Jeremy Sellmeyer
Missouri, United States

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