No More Growth on Chest

My husband and I are grace covenant believers and have been married for more than 50 years. We believe in the power of the holy Communion and have seen miracles happen through partaking the Lord’s Supper daily, but over the years had stopped doing it regularly. This year, I told my husband we needed to start receiving Communion again.

I have had a mole on the left side of my chest for the past 40 years. It started out about the size of a pea but over the years, it enlarged to about 2 inches in diameter. It bothered my doctor more than it bothered me. I insisted it was fine, so long as the color didn’t change. In spring this year, the growth began to change. It started thickening, crusting, and even bleeding. It was painful and irritating, and I was concerned.

One day, my husband and I were watching Pastor Prince’s broadcast on television. He called out someone who had a growth on the left side of the chest and said, “God wants you to know He is healing that now.” He then cursed the growth to its roots and commanded it to die. I knew that was me! I told my husband, “I feel God healing me now. I feel it happening!” We both praised God for His healing.

It has been more than 3 months since I received that prayer, and the large, ominous mole has been slowly dying. It has been flaking little by little every day, to the point where there are only a few tiny specs of it left. There is now new skin under where the mole was! I continued to declare the growth to die throughout the 3 months, even when the mole still looked bad.

My husband and I have been partaking of the Communion daily. We so enjoyed reading Pastor Prince’s books Destined to Reign and Eat Your Way to Life and Health, listening to his broadcasts daily, and attending Grace Revolution Church’s online services. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching the grace message!

Teddy Culp
Texas, United States