No More Nightmares for Daughter after Receiving Holy Communion

My 4-year-old daughter was having nightmares and began seeing disturbing visions at night. The entire household was unable to sleep for nights at a time. I would pray over her but her fears seemed to grow stronger and stronger. I knew this was an attack from the enemy.

My mother gave me Joseph Prince’s book Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion. I read about how when we proclaim Jesus’ sacrifice, it breaks the power of evil spirits and principalities.

My family partook of the holy Communion together and proclaimed Jesus’ death. I rebuked every evil spirit, generational curse, and anything that exalted itself against the knowledge of God, and commanded them to stay away from my family.

Ever since then, daughter has not seen any visions or had any nightmares! There is an overwhelming peace in our house, and we now partake of the Communion at least 5 times a week. Now my daughter comes to me every night and says, “It’s time to partake of the Communion, Mom!”

Praise God! As He is, so are we in this world.

Texas, United States