No More Scratching from Eczema After Using Anointing Oil

A few years ago, when I was losing my faith, God led me to Joseph Prince and revived my faith and prayer life. I started enjoying God again and listening to Joseph’s weekly sermons.

During the pandemic, I listened to his sermon Anointing Oil for Healing and Protection. I grabbed all the oils in my house and received the prayer in the sermon to set the oils apart as anointing oil.

At that time, my daughter was 10. She was diagnosed with autism, is slightly verbal, and has typical autistic behaviors. She also has eczema in her groin and would walk around in public with her hands down her pants, scratching her groin. It always broke my heart because I also had eczema, and I knew nothing would work permanently.

When I heard Pastor Prince share the testimony of a woman whose daughter was completely healed of eczema through using the anointing oil, I claimed the same breakthrough for my daughter. We started putting the oil on the affected area, and after a while, I realized she no longer scratches down there. I am so grateful to God for it.

I still anoint the whole family with oil, and we have peace in this period. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for letting God use you. Thank You, Jesus!