No More Skin Issues and Heart Palpitations After Receiving Communion

I want to thank Joseph Prince Ministries for delivering the gospel of grace through broadcast on multiple cable platforms. I was able to tune in to Pastor Prince’s messages in 2019 during an intense period of afflictions after venturing on my own to develop a relationship with Jesus. I was attacked in my physical body, suffering skin problems on my neck and on the insides of my elbows, as well as heart palpitations due to intense panic and anxiety attacks.

I heard Pastor Prince’s message on going to the Lord’s Table for holy Communion. I’d never been taught that I could partake of the holy Communion on my own, that is, outside of corporate membership with a congregation, so that was a very hard concept for me to grasp. I ordered his books From Bondage to Breakthrough and Eat Your Way to Life and Health and began to take advantage of the benefits Jesus had already paid the price for.

I began to fast and partake of the holy Communion daily while listening to the Word of God. The Lord has shown me His miraculous wonders. My skin is now healthy, and I no longer experience heart palpitations.

I want to thank Pastor Prince for ushering me into freedom from a place of oppression and not having the full benefits in Christ to a place where I am now walking in divine health, healing, and wholeness. And now I have the added benefit of a better prayer life too!

Sherry Perry
Florida, United States