Received 180 Percent Pay Increase During COVID-19

A couple years ago, my wife and I started reading Pastor Prince’s daily devotional and listening to his sermons via the JPM app. We would thank Jesus for His gift of righteousness and declare daily that we are deeply loved, highly favored, and greatly blessed. We also proclaimed His protection over us in every area of our lives and had a constant expectation of good.

I had started my own business in 2017. In February 2020, I received a job offer that would give me an annual income increase of 140 percent. I was not sure about accepting the offer at first as I did not want to give up my business, but after some prayer, I felt the peace to accept the position.

Two weeks after starting my new job, COVID-19 hit South Africa. I was experiencing great success in my sales and meeting my annual target even though I wasn’t able to travel and do sales in other African countries. My wife and I started partnering with Joseph Prince Ministries, wanting to give back and be a part of the grace revolution around the world.

In November, I was offered another position by a much larger company with an additional pay increase of 40 percent. I decided to accept the offer, trusting the Lord for good success in my new role. This gave me an overall pay increase of 180 percent in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I give Jesus all the praise and glory because I’m not qualified for these positions — they came purely by His grace. Since we’ve been hearing the gospel of grace from by Pastor Prince, we’re falling in love with the Lord more and more daily and we are having a constant expectation of good from our precious Savior.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for all your teachings and for helping us realize Jesus loves us and is for us. We are humbled by God’s goodness, faithfulness, and love. We serve an awesome God!

Riaan Pretorius
South Africa