Received Job with Higher Position and Pay

I had been working with a supervisor who inflicted and fostered the acceptance of bullying and intimidation toward me. He even taunted me about how he had given negative references to prospective employers, discouraging them from hiring me.

One day, I watched a broadcast in which Pastor Prince prophesied to someone looking for a job and declared that they would receive it in 2 weeks. I received the word for myself and believed God as I applied to at least 9 positions over the next 2 months.

When 2 weeks came and passed, I became discouraged. But I now understand the blessing was already mine, and it just took time for the incumbent to be promoted so the position could be opened for me.

I knew the Lord had opened the door just for me as I almost didn’t apply for that position because I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the job’s duties. But the Lord had a friend contact me twice to tell me to apply, and a third time to confirm I’d applied, despite my protests about the job’s duties. I was also allowed to interview for the position using other professional and personal references apart from my supervisor.

Turns out, I was wrong about the duties as they are perfectly suited to my certification and field of specialty. I received a promotion in salary and position and was cleared to start my new job at the beginning of the year. I was able to pay off my car and went into the new year rested and car debt-free. God is so good!

Praise the Lord for that prophetic word from Pastor Prince, for godly counsel through friends and for the Holy Spirit leading me throughout the application and interview processes.

Georgia, United States