Received Job with Increased Pay and Benefits During COVID-19

In July 2020, my employment contract ended and was not renewed by my employer. I was pretty shaken due to the upsurge of COVID-19 cases in my country, which caused many companies to freeze hiring.

I held on to the truth of God’s Word and kept my eyes on Jesus, my provider. I kept praying and believing for a new opportunity. I went for several interviews but to no avail. On hindsight, I believe the Lord used the interviews to prepare me.

As I waited and hoped, I would constantly tune in to Pastor Prince’s online livestream on Sunday, watch on-demand sermons, and read praise reports and Pastor Prince’s Daily Grace Inspirations to be encouraged with renewed hope.

In January 2021, Pastor Prince shared on hazon visions and mentioned Habakkuk 2:2–3. Upon hearing the sermon, I made a list of God’s promises concerning me and proclaimed them every morning and evening. Among the promises, I thanked God that He had given me an enjoyable job position with an increase in income and great benefits.

Just about a week into doing that, I asked the Lord one morning to give me a sign. Later in the day, I received a call from an international organization I had gone to for an interview and had been waiting to hear from. They explained why I hadn’t heard from them yet and assured me they would be in touch with me by the end of the week. I thanked God for His love shown to me as I knew it was a sign Jesus was working on my behalf.

To the glory of God, I was contacted again by the organization and offered a package that was more than my last drawn salary and full of benefits! I was asked to start the following week.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for always equipping us with the truth of God’s Word that Jesus loves us and always wants to see us blessed.