Recovered Well from COVID-19

I had been diagnosed with COVID-19 and was immediately admitted to hospital. During the isolation period, I was coughing and had difficulty breathing to the point I couldn’t talk much. I was only able to update my friends and family through short text messages. The only form of social interaction I had was with the doctor and nurses who checked on me and prepared my medication.

I felt very lonely, confused, and excluded. Whenever I couldn’t sleep from being deep in my thoughts, I’d listen to Pastor Prince and declare that as Jesus has healthy lungs and heart, so did I in this world.

Two days after being admitted, the doctor suggested that I do a plasma transfusion to boost my weakening immune system. The doctor asked my husband to find someone with my blood type, B+, which was apparently one of the rarer blood types to get hold of at the time. That night, Red Cross Indonesia managed to find a donor with B+ blood, and I was able to receive the plasma transfusion. I believe Jesus provided the donor for me.

After the transfusion, my immune system began to improve steadily. Nine days later, my swab test confirmed that I was negative for COVID-19. I was discharged from the hospital. Ten days after that, I went for a check-up for my heart and lungs, and the doctor said that both my heart and lungs are now functioning normally and are 100 percent healed.

Thank You, Jesus, for the speedy recovery! Indeed, He is faithful.


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