Retained Job, Received Favor at Work During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, my country went into a prolonged lockdown. Many people began to lose their jobs due to the economic recession. My organization also suffered as a result of this.

I work in a Christian non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides prayer and counselling services across the nation. We are solely dependent on donations, which have decreased significantly due to the pandemic. We had been informed of certain units closing down, services being stopped, and staff being laid off.

My department was also slated to be closed and moved to another city. As a result, all the staff members were asked to either take a transfer or quit. The former was not an option for me as my husband works in this particular city. I had been praying about the situation and the Lord gave me His divine peace.

In the end, when all the other staff were asked to leave, I received a transfer to another department in the same city! This was nothing short of a miracle as there were people who were laid off in that other department as well. I was the youngest member and had less experience but the Lord showed me favor.

We had also been informed that we might receive a 50 percent pay cut but the Lord lavished His love upon me by providing my full month’s pay despite the crisis.

Truly, I would not have experienced any of this had I not known the love of the Father and the principle of letting go and simply resting in His finished work.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the truth that sets us free and positions us for success!

Isha Christian