Delivered Healthy Baby Despite Pregnancy Complications

I had been brought up with legalistic teachings and was always asking God to forgive my sins. I never felt loved and connected to Him and was scared of being punished if I had done something wrong.

When I was experiencing severe anxiety and depression on a holiday, my aunty advised me to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons as they had changed her life. I found his sermon Experience Victory Over Sexual Immorality on YouTube. I listened to this sermon every night for the rest of my holiday and noticed a change in my life.

When I returned home, I downloaded the Joseph Prince app and started listening to all the sermons I could get my hands on. After listening to a theme-of-the-year message on hesed wisdom, I was encouraged to write down my 3 requests of the year and trusted God that I would see them come to pass.

I went out to buy a Bible and all the Joseph Prince books I could find at my local Christian bookstore. For 2 weeks straight, I read every book and listened to his sermons even as I slept. I was so filled with God’s love that I was no longer depressed or anxious. I had also been effortlessly delivered from an eating disorder I had battled with for 5 years by confessing I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

I found the Live the Let-Go Life book most life-changing, and I got hold of a few copies as gifts to people I thought would be blessed by it. I gave one to my mom, thinking that it would sit on her shelf and collect dust. But to my surprise, she read the book. My mom had been a smoker for over 30 years as well as a heavy drinker. After reading the book, she was able to quit smoking effortlessly. Thank You, Jesus!

One of my 3 requests for the year was for a healthy baby. Shortly after writing my requests, I became pregnant. During my pregnancy, I was so happy I could pray over my baby and meditate on verses to help me through instead of being worried and stressed.

When I had my second ultrasound, the scans showed that my baby had masses on his brain that would cause disabilities. We rebuked any disease, disability, and abnormality against my baby and kept meditating on the truth that no weapon formed against me or my baby shall prosper (Isa. 54:17). At our next ultrasound appointment, they could no longer find the masses on my baby’s brain!

At 35 weeks of pregnancy, I was told I would give birth in the next 10 days and was flown to another hospital to wait. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew God had a plan and trusted Him. I also prayed for a natural delivery.

As soon as I said “amen,” my water broke, and I was able to go through most of my labor walking around the room listening to worship music. When my baby was delivered, they discovered that he had a knot on the umbilical cord, a condition that is often fatal. My midwife said my baby was the first baby she delivered alive with that complication.

We were flown to a children’s hospital shortly after my baby was born as he was having difficulties breathing. We were there for 2 weeks and every day, my husband and I partook of the holy Communion for my son. We also read Live the Let-Go Life to him by his crib. After 2 weeks, we were discharged with our beautiful, healthy baby and an amazing testimony. Jesus had us covered every step of the way.

I cannot begin to thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teaching of grace and how much it has changed my life and made it worth living. I now know I have a loving Abba who loves me dearly and wants to bless me not punish me. I look forward to what the new year has to bring my family knowing that Jesus is restoring the years that have been eaten by the locust.