Supernatural Cancellation of 6-Figure Debt

A couple years ago, we received an unexpected letter from the tax office informing us that we owed about AU$240,000 in unpaid taxes. Over the next 6 to 9 months, we tried to appeal the case by submitting relevant documents but we didn’t have much success. To make things worse, the office started charging us a monthly interest on the amount owed.

Our family life was thrown into chaos and our financial situation became very challenging. I was so fearful and under a lot of self-condemnation that eventually led to depression. I knew I was focusing too much on myself and my situation instead of Jesus.

But as much as I wanted to surrender my situation to the Lord, I could not. I saw darkness everywhere. My depression got even worse and it seriously affected my relationship with my son and wife.

One morning, I heard a Joseph Prince sermon where he shared a testimony of a brother in his church who overcame deep depression by praying in the Spirit every day. When I heard this, I decided to practice this too.

I would wake up at 3am every morning to pray in the Spirit while focusing on Jesus. Although it was tough in the beginning, I ended up praying for hours till I fell asleep. Soon, my emotions and life outlook began to improve. I started to be thankful and grateful for the blessings I had already been given.

When the tax office gave us a final warning and put us on a temporary repayment scheme, we decided to engage a tax lawyer for professional help. This cost a lot of money, which we didn’t have at that time.

Finally, we submitted our third appeal to the office. We continued to pray and surrendered the situation to the Lord every night during our family Communion time. We thanked God for a divine cancellation of this debt.

When the office called back requesting for more supporting documents, I didn’t feel any fear or stress. Instead, I felt at peace knowing that Jesus was in control.

Five months later, we received news that the tax office had officially accepted our appeal and the full tax debt of AU$296,785.63 (interest included) would be removed from the system! All glory to God!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your undeserved favor. We know we cannot, but You can.