Apartment Successfully Rented out to Perfect Tenant

I was trying to rent out or sell my apartment for years to no avail. One day, I heard Pastor Prince’s sermon and he shared how one of his pastors sold his apartment at a price he wanted after applying the anointing oil. Pastor Prince also shared in another sermon how he himself sold his apartment above market price after praying and applying the anointing oil.

I was determined to follow their ways, and I started to visit my apartment every morning to pray there and apply the anointing oil over it. However, as I became busier, I stopped going over.

Time passed and our finances were choked because we still needed to pay a monthly amount for maintenance, water, and electricity fee for the apartment even though we no longer lived there. I also felt condemned and guilty I couldn’t discipline myself to go there to pray and apply the anointing oil.

One day, as I drove by my apartment, I just lifted up my left hand toward the building and prayed, “I call my apartment rented out or sold at a price that satisfies both parties in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Lord, amen.”

Two days later, I received a call from a friend who knew someone who was looking for an apartment. That afternoon, I met up with the potential buyer at my apartment. I was nervous because I felt like the apartment wasn’t in a good condition.

We ended up reaching an agreement that day, and she transferred the rent the next day. Just like that, my apartment was rented out! As my tenant’s husband is a contractor, she asked for my permission to renovate the apartment. She also promised to take good care of the place. Wow, God really saw my need and found me a perfect tenant!

I am grateful that my apartment got rented out, but I am even more grateful for this experience. I hope it can inspire and encourage others. All glory to God!

Ida Zhang