Received Dream Job by Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

I was very discouraged over the last 2 years because my dream to become a violinist seemed to have been dashed when I couldn’t get into the university I wanted. And as we were in the midst of the pandemic, circumstances withheld me from continuing to pursue my dream.

At that time, I remained home without a job or degree. I decided to spend more time with Jesus to get to know Him more and let Him fix my life. God led me to Pastor Prince’s sermons, and my life has completely changed. I learned that true life comes when we realize that Jesus is all that matters. To know Him is real success. I had no idea what to expect for my future, but I knew that with God, nothing was impossible. So I asked Him to give me a position even though I had no degree.

In December 2022, someone heard me play the violin in church and took notice of me. The following month, Pastor Prince declared that 2023 was The Kairos Year of Right Time, Right Place, and he ended the service by praying for us to experience qarah (right happenings) in the coming week.

The day after Vision Sunday, I got a call about a job opportunity. It was to teach music. The person who had noticed me playing in church some weeks ago recommended me for the job. I knew that it was the favor of God. He placed me at the right place at the right time. Now I have a job I’ve always dreamed of.

All praise and glory to Jesus! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for always pointing us to Jesus!

Krisztina Kiss