Child Delivered from Leukemia

When our son Jonas was 11 months, he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. The doctors recommended that Jonas go for a bone marrow transplant as there was no other cure for the disease and we were told chemotherapy might not work.

Jonas eventually underwent chemotherapy. We were so grateful when the doctors said that the treatment was successful and a transplant was not needed. However, in September last year, during Jonas’s follow-up, we were informed that he had suffered a relapse. This time, the doctors said he had to go through a transplant. We felt really discouraged and disappointed.

Three months later, Jonas went for his transplant. We were told after the transplant that his immunity count had to hit at least 0.5 for three consecutive days for him to be safely discharged.

But for days on end, his immunity count remained low at 0.2. At times, it went up to 0.4 and then it would drop again, never hitting 0.5. Jonas’s stay in the hospital dragged on past 30 days, then 50 days. We were so drained and tired as the days went by but we held on to Isaiah 58:8—“Then your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.”

When we read this verse, we were arrested by the phrase “spring forth” and meditated on it. The Lord led us to read John 4:13–14 in the Message translation. As we read the passage, He gave us a vision of Jonas’s marrow gushing fountains of endless life like an artesian spring, just like the Word said. Then, a sister in Christ called to tell us she had a vision of several golden hydraulic pumps all lined up in a row in Jonas’s body, all pumping the Lord’s resurrection life into his immune system. That really encouraged us!

As we continued to look to the Lord through the Scriptures, He also caused us to see how He would wipe out every abnormal cell in Jonas’s bone marrow and give our son a new beginning. This gave us much comfort as thoughts of the cancer coming back were so real during that time.

However, we received bad news one Sunday in February. We were told that as Jonas’s immunity counts had remained so low for so long, another transplant would be required. That was one of the lowest days in our journey.

During service that day, Pastor Prince suddenly mentioned that bone marrows are important for our immune systems and said that God’s Word would penetrate into the marrows and give His people healthy blood cells. We felt so loved knowing God was working mightily through Pastor Prince’s preaching. We were overjoyed to hear him say, “God’s Word is going into the marrow to revitalize our immune systems”—exactly what Jonas needed. Another heavenly wink was that that Sunday also happened to be Day 58 after Jonas’s transplant, and it reminded us of the verse we held on to—Isaiah 58:8.

The very next day, doctors were shocked to find Jonas’s immunity count going up from 0.2 to 0.72. It went up again on the following day to 0.82, and the doctors informed us that Jonas could be discharged! Finally, Jonas was discharged on Chinese New Year’s Eve, just in time for our family reunion, with an immunity count of 1.3. How we all rejoiced and celebrated! To have Jonas discharged on the eve of Chinese New Year meant he was literally stepping into a new year and a new beginning. We knew the Lord was assuring us that this is a NEW beginning for Jonas and all of us!

At his follow-up checkups, Jonas’s immunity counts remained healthy, and the doctors even said that his counts were “beautiful.” This is truly a miraculous recovery, and we have seen God’s Word come to pass for our family. Praise Jesus!

Marcus and Wendy