Cleared of Heart Condition, Experiencing Increase in Family and Work

Pastor Prince, I have been attending New Creation Church [in Singapore] and listening to your sermons since 2009. My life has been transformed radically since then. Through you, I understand I do not need to work for Jesus’ blessings. In fact, I’m already blessed to be a blessing.

Last year was indeed the year of Jubilee. I gave birth to a beautiful girl. During my delivery, I was having fever due to long hours of delivery. The nurse told me that my baby’s heartbeat should be faster but I knew God was protecting her. Indeed the whole delivery was smooth!

Also, I was cleared of mitral valve prolapse (a heart condition). I had the condition for more than ten years but when I went to see a cardiologist, he said I did not have mitral valve prolapse and discharged me from that condition! Thank You, Jesus, that I’m completely healthy and whole!

Jesus also gave me favor in my career. My previous superior was prejudiced against my pregnancy but Jesus gave me a leader who attends New Creation Church and understands the grace and power of Jesus. I began to see the Lord’s provision and increase in my life, and started to tithe at the start of 2017 as I got the revelation that tithing was about honoring Him.

Thank You, Jesus, for everything You have done in my life and thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching grace and how wonderful our God is.