Delivered from Depression, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks

Pastor Prince, I am writing to testify about how God has delivered me from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks and is currently delivering me from worry and negative thoughts.

It all started when I overdosed on energy drinks and woke up the next morning throwing up, feeling severely dizzy, and experiencing abnormal bowel movements. I also experienced a panic attack. I’d never experienced anything like that before, so I was terrified and thought I was going to die. I went to the hospital where they gave me something for my nausea. A couple of days later, I realized I had been having severe anxiety to the point where my heart was racing when I woke up, sending me into a panic attack.

I began to pray and ask God what was going on, and He led me to Psalm 23. Every week from that point on, the Lord would deliver me from a symptom, healing me as I dove into His Word for strength and hope. But a few weeks later, the enemy attacked me with thoughts of self-harm and I became depressed.

Then one night, I came across a clip of Pastor Prince’s sermon “Find Power in His Presence”, where he shared a testimony of a lady who was delivered from depression through partaking of the holy Communion. I knew this was the Lord speaking to me through Pastor Prince.

I began listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on the healing power of the holy Communion. I also started partaking of the Communion with the revelation that was preached by Pastor Prince, that every time I partook, the Lord was touching me and lifting the spirit of heaviness and depression off me.

Praise God! He has delivered me from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, and He is now delivering me from negative and overly self-conscious thoughts! I just want to say to those who are going through anxiety and depression: No matter what you think or feel please know right now there is light at the end of the tunnel. This is only temporary because we can believe and see God deliver us!

California, United States