No More Pain from Sciatica

A couple of years ago, while changing a nappy on a baby at work, I felt an excruciating pain in my lower back when I turned to take a fresh nappy off the shelf. The pain travelled down my left leg.

Though I completed the task, I was hobbling and bent over. By praying for strength and courage, I managed to complete the day while hiding my pain.

That was the last day I worked for the next 7 months. During those days, I could barely walk without crutches. I also lost my independence as I was no longer able to drive.

I was prescribed painkillers that did not help and was signed off work with sciatica, a nerve pain that runs from the lower back to the feet. I was sent for weekly physiotherapy but could not perform the exercises.

I felt very low and frustrated as I could not work, play with my grandchildren, or perform simple tasks.

I made an appointment to see a back specialist several months later, and I was banking on them to fix me. But by the end of my appointment, I was at the lowest I had ever been. The specialist told me that my spine was so damaged there was no way she could operate on me. I needed to accept that my previous active lifestyle would no longer be possible.

At that time, my daughter had been watching Pastor Prince’s online services and asked me to watch them too.

One Sunday, I tried to go online to watch the service but encountered a problem. By the time I tuned in, I had missed much of the service. But after about 20 minutes, Pastor Prince went into a time of healing.

He told the congregation to place their hands on where the problem was. I put my left hand on my lower back and joined the prayer. When he finished praying, Pastor Prince said to do something we could not do.

Although I had not felt anything, I bent over to try and touch my toes. Praise God, I was able to touch my toes! I jumped, hopped, and cried tears of joy and wonderment. God had healed me.

I returned to work a week later. I can do gardening, drive, and live my active life once more. I forgot to say I am now 71 years old!

Lynne Baker
United Kingdom

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