Smooth Recovery for Wife, Family Protected from COVID-19

Early this year, my wife began experiencing symptoms of what we thought were allergies. We didn’t think much of it because of the changes in the weather. During this time, we continued to partake of the holy Communion daily.

When she began to lose her sense of taste, we became a little worried. I took her to get tested for COVID-19, and her test came back positive. My wife was devastated as she had not been leaving the house often and always wore a mask when she was in public. I began thinking about what I would do if she got very sick or if the kids got infected too.

We went into quarantine and my wife went into isolation. I played the Word of God as much as I could during the quarantine period and encouraged my wife and children to declare Psalm 91 over themselves daily as I always do.

My wife’s symptoms never worsened, and my children and I never developed any symptoms. I also tested negative for COVID-19 during and after the quarantine. The Lord protected my family from the virus even though we had been exposed to it. I give praise to Jesus for His finished work at the cross that has healed and redeemed me from every curse of the law.

I also thank God for my pastor who introduced us to Pastor Prince’s teachings. The church I attend has been following Pastor Prince for many years. We have been using the Destined to Reign Devotional and The Healing Power of the Holy Communion as aids in our ministry and home to learn more about God’s grace, our righteousness in Christ, and the holy Communion.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being faithful to bring forth the word that God has given you for the body of Christ.

Andrew Wynn
Virginia, United States

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